The 100 / #96: Catherine Pecora

#96 Catherine Pecora Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA

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    • This is my place at the table; eating a meal my son Tony prepared for me. You will notice my beautiful bracelet given to me by my dear friend and caretaker, Zara. She cared for my husband Joe and I several years ago but quickly became like family. -- Cate Pecora
    • View of the living room where the family often gathers. We have decades of joyful memories in this house together. -- Cate Pecora
    • Tried to take a photo of my son, Tony, reading the morning paper next to me. -- Cate Pecora
    • This is my son, Kenny. He is the third of my 5 children. He lives right around the corner with his wife, Holli. They often come by to visit Tony and I. -- Cate Pecora
    • Better photo of Tony, my youngest. He has taken great care of me all these years and I appreciate our time together as the house has grown quieter over the years. -- Cate Pecora
    • My lovely younger sister, Gloria; who I seem to be pointing at. -- Cate Pecora
    • Gloria again. She is 15yrs younger than me and the youngest of my siblings; I'm the eldest. She visits me every Sunday and I love to catch up with her. -- Cate Pecora
    • Here is my oldest son, Joe. He comes to visit from Point Pleasant often. He now has grandchildren of his own so I am a great-grandmother! -- Cate Pecora
    • Meet Linda, my caretaker. This picture came out grainy so I took another just in case. -- Cate Pecora
    • Me in my daily spot. I have my stack of books, a picture window and a view of the television so I don't need to go far to stay entertained. When family comes to visit I can take it all in from here. -- Cate Pecora
    • Here is a clearer picture of my nurse, Linda. She's been helping me for the last 11yrs. Her work is invaluable to our family. -- Cate Pecora
    • Oops! This is obviously me. -- Cate Pecora
    • Tony and his cat, Nucky. I don't think Nucky finds that article too interesting! -- Cate Pecora
    • I haven't used a camera in ages! But I caught Kenny in the bottom corner. -- Cate Pecora
    • Here is my second youngest, Matt, visiting from his home in PA. We all enjoy sharing the paper, especially on Sundays. He often comes for Sunday brunch and I enjoy visiting. -- Cate Pecora
    • Nancy cleans our house but she has also become a friend. -- Cate Pecora
    • Me and Nancy, who comes to clean up the house. She has also become a part of the family; I enjoy when she's with me and appreciate the help she gives us. -- Cate Pecora
    • Here are Tony and Nucky doing some reading. -- Cate Pecora
    • My son Matt from my perch. Just behind him is a photo of my late husband, Joe, about to blow out the candles on his 99th birthday cake! We were married for 70 wonderful years. -- Cate Pecora
    • Nucky is always climbing. I shoo him but he pays me no mind. Fortunately I like having him around. -- Cate Pecora
    • One of my 10 grandchildren comes to visit! This is Lindsay introducing us to her newest addition, Dusty. Nucky has to check him out and give him the ok. -- Cate Pecora
    • More Sunday brunch visitors. The more the merrier! Kenny and friend, Bob. -- Cate Pecora
    • My grandchild Lindsay and her husband, Dave. Many of my grandchildren are talented artists and these two are no exception. I am glad he became part of our family. -- Cate Pecora
    • My son Joe and Dusty on a Sunday morning. Reading about fast cars I can only assume. -- Cate Pecora

About Catherine

Tell us a little about Catherine
Raised in New Jersey where she still resides today. Her father died when she was a teenager. She married at age 26 and they were together until his death at age 99 in 2011. She worked as a hairdresser at Teppers Dept Store for much of her young adult life.

What one thing are you most proud of in your years so far?
Raising my 5 children.

What one thing do you hope to have achieved by the age of 100?
To look back and say, “I lived a good life.”

What one thing have you seen in your lifetime which has changed the world the most significantly?

What piece of advice would you give to your 10 year old self?
“Try to be a better person.”

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