The 100 / #91: Giuseppe Sgattoni

#91 Giuseppe Sgattoni Retired Photographer San Benedetto del Tronto, Iitaly

About Giuseppe

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I am a retired photographer, I worked for 50 years. I started when I was 12 helping a pioneer photographer in my hometown San Benedetto del Tronto (italy). I have been encouraged to learn the profession and the skills of a photographer rather than going to school. When I started again my studies the second world war broke and I had to go to the army. After the war I had no clue about what to do, I was disoriented. I decided to work as a photographer but I was forced to invent or bouild myself the tools that weren’t available at that time. I made an enlarger and other tools, I worked until 1991, with patience and and dedication always looking forward for new technological innovations.

What one thing are you most proud of in your 91 years so far?
I am proud of my 2 sons and 4 nephews that have been giving to me and y wife a lot of joy. I am also proud of being alway been able to improve my skills as a photographer updating my technique and following the technological advances.

What one thing do you hope to do before you’re 100 years old?
I would like to remain capable of living with my wife without creating difficulties to my sons.
I would also like to read the whole holy Bible, keep on reading and learning new things.

What do you feel is the most significant thing that has changed in the world during your lifetime?
The second World War.

What one piece of advice would you give your 10 year old self?
Study the technique or engineering, research. This is what I would have like to be able to do.

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