The 100 / #8: Leander Goblot

#8 Leander Goblot Quebec, Canada

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    • This is a picture of my friend Daniel. At hockey. He's also a friend from school. -- Leander
    • This was when I was in chess class. -- Leander
    • This was a picture from when I was on a walk with my mom. It is in our front yard. Summer is over. -- Leander
    • This is one of my Skylander giants that I bought with my own money. -- Leander
    • This is my bedroom. And that is my dinosaur. I like dinosaurs. -- Leander
    • This is my shelf in my bedroom. I like to watch Ghostbusters. I like reading Geronimo Stilton. -- Leander
    • These are five of my Skylanders. -- Leander
    • This is my hockey poster that I got from a hockey magazine. I like hockey. It is my favourite sport. I have three favourite teams: Vancouver Canucks, Tampa Bay Lightenings and MONTREAL CANADIENNES! -- Leander
    • This is my skateboard with a skeleton. It used to belong to my sister. But then I wanted a skateboard and she gave it to me. And then I was riding it and then I brought to hockey in my car and my mom said we were going to go on the skateboard when we got home. -- Leander
    • This is a picture of my cat, Inca. I have two cats. One of them is Nico. She likes to run. Inca, my second cat, likes to eat. Very much very much. And then once my sister was with this puffy thing and the cat was chasing after it. And I did it to. Thank you very much. -- Leander
    • This is a picture of my sister. And she's 12. And she is one of the oldest in the school. That's all. -- Leander
    • This is a picture of a ghost who is walking with his mom. And dad. But this is actually a walking sign. That's all. To say today. -- Leander
    • This is a picture of winter in my backyard of my tree. -- Leander
    • This is a picture of an old cabin. That's all to say today thank you very much. -- Leander
    • Ur car is shit u fkn bum -- Titari
    • You stinky fkn slut dirty boy stink tititit -- Titari
    • This is a picture of me screaming at the car. And then I was yelling at my Skylanders. -- Leander
    • This is a picture of a (fake) rat in my front yard. And it went outside. And then it came back to me. I like rats. -- Leander
    • Dirty fkn stair case u pussy dick slut -- Titari

About Leander

Tell us a little bit about your son:
Energy in motion…curiosity overloaded…an eight year old with an insatiable interest in everything around him and non-stop energy in everything he does. Highly imaginative, he invented a role playing game that he and his friends are still playing three years later.

Tell us a little bit about you:
Skilled at avoid lego warriors on the floor, and racing little boys with all my might, I also love having a camera in front of my face and I’m working on making a go professionally.

What does your son get excited about, and what is he likely to take photos of?
He’s excited about his brand new bedroom and his sister. He’ll probably take pictures of everything he’s done to customize his room (some of which I don’t approve – stickers on the wall!) and skylanders and lego and pokemon and lego and skylanders. And cats.

What do you think will be the biggest adventure/challenge for your son as he grows towards 100 years old?
Keeping the joy of youth and his endless fascination with everything…the chance to explore and learn a new world as it evolves around him.

What one thing have you learned from your son?
Sometimes, you just have to run like you are being chased by an alien space craft out to get you. And you laugh. And you feel good.

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