The 100 / #78: Jay Steiger

#78 Jay Steiger Retired Indiana, USA

About Jay

Tell us a little about yourself:
I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, moved to Dayton, Ohio in 1975 and moved to Indiana in 1987. I’m a retired 78-year old husband of one (for 56 years), father of seven (six daughters and one son), grandfather of seven granddaughters (three of whom were adopted from China) and three grandsons as well as two great grandsons. Also, “master” of one mixed-breed dog who is mainly Labrador Retriever by the name of Jack. I graduated from college when I was 34 and the father of six and did my Master’s work when we had seven children and I was 52.

Since my third retirement in 2003: first – after 30 years with a major automobile manufacturer, second – after 3 years of consulting and finally, third – after 2 years of teaching at an Indiana university I’ve spent most of my time being a husband, father, grandfather and, in the past year, a great-grandfather. This involves building various and sundry items for the house, helping out with repairs for my children and most importantly, being there for them when I’m needed which is more listening than anything else.

In my working years I’ve been a salesman of photographic equipment and pharmaceuticals, a metallurgical and chemical laboratory technician and an industrial trainer and internal organizational consultant.

More importantly than that, I’ve built a small sailing dinghy with my son and have started building power boats. Never completed them due to physical limitations. But I’m still deeply interested in the sailing I’ve done as well as keeping up to date on current wooden boat designs and construction.

What one thing are you most proud of in your years so far?
This is a difficult one to answer. Most probably it’s that I’ve been a continuous student of a multitude of things. Especially in seeking growth in my religious faith. And I’m actually somewhat proud of a being a procrastinating dilettante.

What one thing do you hope to have achieved by the age of 100?
Wow! Who knows, I guess leaving something of personal growth for my family members through their time with me.

What one thing have you seen in your lifetime which has changed the world the most significantly?
Kinda hard to say, but the development of a much smaller world has had impact beyond anyone’s imagination.

What piece of advice would you give to your 10 year old self?
Lighten up, stick with it and don’t sweat it because it always works out for the best.

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