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#77 Phyllis Omenson New Jersey, USA

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    • Two of our favorite trees on our property on Berlin Road. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • This is my husband, Allan, wearing his new leather jacket. We are ready to start the 100 photo project. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • Do you like this haircut and style. I have a hairdresser who loves to work on my hair and I have known her ever since my teaching days at Highland HS. She's a gem! -- Phyllis Omenson
    • Another photo of my hairdo and it made my day. My husband liked it, too. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • At my age, I must keep active. This is the building where I take YOGA classes every week. Namaste. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • This is a scene in Cherry Hill and it was taken near Brace Road at a fast-food place. My husband stopped to buy a hamburger, french fries and a soda (not the best choice, but it was delicious according to him). -- Phyllis Omenson
    • This park is not too far from our home, and even the Canada geese have decided to visit it. It is a beautiful area and many children and adults take advantage of this gem. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • This is another view of the park which is located off Brace Road in Cherry Hill. Notice the colorful playground equipment that the children find inviting. Even the Canada geese have come to play! -- Phyllis Omenson
    • In this photo the geese were not frightened and continued feeding even though my husband and I were very close to them. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • This photo shows a close-up of the sidewalk leading to the equipment that the little children seem to enjoy. We are fortunate to have some open space in Cherry Hill to develop areas for our young people and our elderly. (Allan and I are both in our seventies and still enjoying life!) -- Phyllis Omenson
    • About three miles from our home, there is a beautiful town called Haddonfield and it is one of the most inviting towns in our area. According to the founding fathers, George Washington marched down King's Highway and today you can visit many types of stores and restaurants on that main street. We enjoy spending time there when we can (my husband's barber has a shop in this town). I lived in Haddonfield when I first moved to NJ for my first teaching job in 1957. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • The British Chip Shop is one of the restaurants in Haddonfield and you must give it a try. After lunch or dinner, take a stroll up or down the sidewalks at a leisurely pace. It's lovely! -- Phyllis Omenson
    • Here is another view of the stores on King's Highway. There were many cars parked on the street the day that we were there photographing the town. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • The lovely town of Haddonfield has several beautiful churches and this Grace Episcopal Church is magnificent. We have attended several weddings at this church and were duly impressed with the interior, as well as the exterior. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • The Indian King Tavern Museum is a building that a tourist would want to see. It is evident that our forefathers planned this colonial town well. We are proud to have so much history next door to us in Cherry Hill. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • In this photo of Haddonfield, one can see the care that is given to these colonial buildings. Come to see this treasured town of ours! -- Phyllis Omenson
    • This is the last scene of King's Highway in Haddonfield. We often walk to the supermarket, to the post office, to the pharmacy, to a coffee shop, to a pizza shop, to a barber shop, to a fancy restaurant, to a toy store, to a men's store or to a women's clothing store (even gowns for proms or weddings). Make it your next trip! -- Phyllis Omenson
    • As you leave Haddonfield and take another route to Cherry Hill, you will be surprised with this view of another park with all these trees and this body of water. You can enjoy a leisurely walk or you can take a speedy run along the beautiful park. In the winter, if there is snow, you will find kids enjoying their sledding within the hilly areas of the park. In the summer, there is always a baseball or softball game to keep us interested. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • Opposite this park, one can find some comfortable apartments and townhouses which are close to the center of Haddonfield and to a cozy restaurant/bar. You often see parents with children riding their bikes on the sidewalks. There are many doctors' offices and lawyers' offices nearby. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • My husband and I both require some orthopaedic treatments for our knees and legs, so we have sought the help of the medical personnel at this location in Mt. Laurel. If we need Acupuncture or another procedure, this is where we spend some of our time. Luckily, our medical facilities are fewer than ten miles from our home. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • Here is my husband of 50 years waiting to speak with an Acupuncturist (probably our daughter). He is wearing his new leather jacket again and his favorite scarf (knitted by my 85-year old Aunt C.). At his age, he minds the cold. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • Every year the famous Philadelphia Flower Show takes place across the Delaware River into Philadelphia (the City of Brotherly Love) and thousands of people come to view this spectacular show of colorful flowers and greenery in March. It is a week of spectacular displays by so many florists, landscapers and horticultural enthusiasts in the Tri-State area (New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware). If you have never gone to the Flower Show, please consider going in March, 2014. It's a sight to behold. We found this ad in our local Acme last February announcing the arrival of Spring! -- Phyllis Omenson
    • My husband and I decided to do some shopping at our local supermarket in Haddonfield (Acme). They had so many Spring flowers on display. I think I purchased some tulips to take home that day. Can you tell that I love flowers? -- Phyllis Omenson
    • We continued shopping and what did I spy? Oh, Irish Potatoes! It must have been near St. Patrick's Day (March 17) and we decided to purchase a box of these delicious treats. I usually make my own Irish Potatoes, but I splurged this day. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • The Acme's produce section always has fresh veggies and fruits, so we stop to make some purchases. A lot of the produce is organic and and the store owners label the fruits and veggies, so that you are positive that what you buy is organic. I usually snack on a delicious banana before checking out (however, I do pay for it). -- Phyllis Omenson
    • I was weighing my red and green grapes while Allan just finished his Deli purchases in the background. He enjoys asking the sales person to slice the provolone cheese, the American cheese, the turkey breast and the imported ham rather thinly. Must I stress that my husband loves sandwiches for lunch? Now we can leave the Acme. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • We return to our home and across the street, one can see the elementary school that our children both attended from Kindergarten through 6th grade. They received such a great education there in the 70's. It gave us a warm feeling to watch our daughters as they crossed the street (with the help of a crossing guard) and then they walked a short distance to their classrooms. It was a much safer world then! -- Phyllis Omenson
    • This photo shows the same elementary school, but it no longer serves to educate our Cherry Hill students from Kindergarten through 6th grade. It is now an Alternative School that educates our young people who are in high school. It is necessary to provide smaller group settings for some of our children. It was a cold, windy day when I took this picture and there was a lot of traffic. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • We have lived in our home for the past 46 years and this is where we raised our daughters. It has been a wonderful experience living here and although most of the young people who attended our schools with our daughters have moved on to other towns and states with their own families, the friendships have remained intact. They even keep in touch with us via Facebook. How great is that! -- Phyllis Omenson
    • My Spring tulips are eager to emerge from the pot. I planted the bulbs in December, 2012, and early in 2013, the little green leaves began to come out. I planted the flowers near the garage door and they eventually bloomed. Nature is awesome! -- Phyllis Omenson
    • I noticed that some of the Spring flowers were emerging from the ground on the side of our house. I could see some jonquils, daffodils and tulips. I thought I had planted some hyacinths, but I did not find any in this plot. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • In the backyard of our property, there is a beautiful evergreen. If you look closely at the top of the tree, you will see all the pine cones that dominate the tree. Some years, I gather the cones and spray them for holiday arrangements. This tree is older than 50 years and I am very fond of it. We have so much wildlife in the backyard. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • This beautiful holly bush occupies one corner of the side of our house. The bush looks more like a tree, since it reaches the 2nd floor of our house. I think I need to prune it a little this year. When the Christmas holidays arrive, I decorate some areas with this fresh holly. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • As I was approaching the end of the 100 Project, my husband thought it was time to include a couple of pictures of me. Here I am with my books of Italian grammar. I have been studying with a college professor for nearly two years and I am trying to learn the grammar. I attend a 1 1/2 hour class with her every week and it is so much fun. I always spoke with my parents, grandparents and siblings in an Italian dialect, but I never took the time to study grammar to be able to read and write the language. Hopefully, I will succeed! Wish me luck. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • This photo of Allan was taken at one of our modern shopping areas about nine miles from our home. We frequent this outdoor mall, because it has some beautiful restaurants, upscale stores for men, women and children, jewelry stores, bookstores, coffee shops, flower shops, etc. It is enjoyable to sit down on a bench and watch the people. Allan loves that leather jacket and his handmade scarf! -- Phyllis Omenson
    • This fountain is attractive at the outdoor shopping mall where we often go to find a nice restaurant not too far from home. I was wearing a sweater the day this picture was taken, because it was rather cool. I think I had left my coat in the car. Sometimes you can see some ducks in this pond. It is a pretty setting! -- Phyllis Omenson
    • We returned home and I had to take a picture of another one of our trees on our property. -- Phyllis Omenson
    • It snowed in Cherry Hill on March 8, 2013. Our neighbor's van is in his driveway and the school is directly across the road. We finally got some snow (we had such a mild 2012-2013 winter season.) -- Phyllis Omenson
    • This was my final photo of the 100 Project. I am glad I was able to look across the main road and see the snow on the trees and my children's school. The project was an enjoyable experience and I hope my blog will give you an idea about an old married couple and what we do in our lives together. Allan will be 75 in October and he will catch up to me one of these years. We want to thank the young man in England who initiated this project and thank you to our daughters for encouraging me to be # 77. CARPE DIEM! -- Phyllis Omenson

About Phyllis

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I was born Filomena Angelina Marcocci in a small town in Pennsylvania called Barnettstown in 1935, the first daughter of Angelo and Lena (D’Angelo) Marcocci and I am 1st generation Italian-American. I have an older brother and two younger sisters. We are all in our seventies now.

What one thing are you most proud of in your years so far?
My parents were immigrants from the Abruzzo region of Italy and they were married in 1932 and worked laboriously to save enough money to send four children to institutions of higher learning in the 1950′s and 1960′s. I became a Foreign Language instructor and moved to New Jersey to accept a teaching position (Spanish and French) at a new high school in Delaware Twp. (now renamed Cherry Hill, NJ). I met and married my wonderful husband, Allan Omenson and together we became parents of two lovely daughters, Rachelle and Lynne. Both are very committed to their professions (Rachelle is a beloved educator at Triton HS nearby and Lynne is a practicing Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbologist locally). I am so proud of both daughters, because they are making a difference in this world. My husband and I are most proud of these two caring, sympathetic and loving individuals.

What one thing do you hope to have achieved by the age of 100?
If I am blessed with a long life and reach the age of 100, I hope to remain in relatively good health so that I can continue to do more traveling, cooking, cleaning my house, planting my flowers and photographing everything I find interesting. I already have an iPod, an iPhone, an iPad and a Laptop Computer that help me in my daily life (they were gifts from our daughters). At 77, I began studying Italian grammar and I hope I’ll be able to read some works of the great Italian writers when I celebrate my 100th birthday. Perhaps I will need some assistance from my sweet daughters as I search for my glasses!

What one thing have you seen in your lifetime which has changed the world the most significantly?
There are many things that I have seen in my 77 years that have changed the world, but the one that stands out is the use of Technology in every aspect of one’s life. It is amazing!

What piece of advice would you give to your 10 year old self?
What piece of advice would I give to my 10-year-old self? I would say “Carpe Diem” or “Seize the Day” in Latin. I would say “Be Yourself and make your own path and follow it.” “Never give up on your dreams.”

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