The 100 / #74: Chuck Collins

#74 Chuck Collins Retired Kent, UK

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    • This was the first shot on the way to the supermarket to see if the camera worked. It did, despite my finger too close to the lens! -- Chuck
    • The fisrt shot just to see if the camera would work. It did! -- Chuck
    • I loved the picture. It is an awesome example of a photo of the street. -- Márcia
    • Oops ... cannot see a way of deleting earlier comments ... however, I can never resist a book bargain at this charity shop. -- Chuck
    • The first shot just to see if the camera would work. It did! -- Chuck
    • The supermarket had run outta croissants, so it was back to toast with the Sunday papers. -- Chuck
    • I have no idea what happened here. Guess I must've hit the shutter button accidentally. I do recall it was bright but freezing cold that day. -- Chuck
    • The picture on the wall is an artist's idea of a development that has been 'coming soon' on the site for about three years now. -- Chuck
    • Margate has miles and miles of safe golden sands. This are is now being given a once over to improve flood defences for the Old Town. -- Chuck
    • The word 'are' above should be 'area' ... like I wrote earlier, there seems to be no way to edit erroneous comments here. -- Chuck
    • Our thrice an hour bus to Canterbury ... a trip that takes about 30 mins each way through mainly agricultural landscapes ... flat and 'cabbagy'! -- Chuck
    • Thank Goodness for bus passes. This service is a circular loop taking in Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate ... the three main towns which comprise The Isle of Thanet. -- Chuck
    • Suggest that you whizz ahead to Image 21 'cos you'll have seen all these above. Guess the guys in the lab decided to have a 2nd go at printing? -- Chuck
    • Margate Winter Gardens is 100 years old. We enjoyed the Osmond's visit and, last year The Three Degrees and earlier, The Stylistics. Coming soon, Blur! Seaside entertainment is alive and well here. -- Chuck
    • The lady in my life. There was a bitterl N'East wind coming off the sea that day as we walked into town along the cliff top. -- Chuck
    • Strewth! I MUST cut down on the carbs! Some of it is cold-weather padding! -- Chuck
    • Barry the Barber who must've opened this shop many, many years ago and hasn't changed the windopw display since. -- Chuck
    • The Lido is at the end of the road. Until 1960 it was a popular theatre, bar, bathing pool and cafe area. Now it could do with lashings of TLC. -- Chuck
    • That view is beautiful! :) -- Lisa
    • Wish You Were Here? -- Chuck
    • One day, hopefully soon, our famous Dreamland will be restored to its former fun park glory. -- Chuck
    • And so we bid farewell to Margate's golden sands ... -- Chuck

About Chuck

Tell us a little about yourself
Happy childhood in England during World War II.
Off to sea in Merchant Navy and had a great time navigating super-tankers around the World for ten years 1956-‘66
Then management consultancy + hotel and shop ownership + editing books and magazines + pro photography + journalism … although not all at the same time.
Married with two children and two grand- children.
Have always lived on the sea or by the sea.
Now happily and healthily drifted into retirement with time to play with old non-digital cameras.
Feel I ought to learn Photoshop but have neither the funds nor the inclination. In my photos as in my life … what you see is what you get.

What one thing are you most proud of in your 74 years?
Taking the risky step of quitting a salaried job to go self employed way back in ’68 when it was almost unheard of in England.

What one thing you want to do before you reach 100?
Make a positive difference to at least one more life.

What piece of advice would you give your 10 year old self?
You can achieve whatever you want if you are prepared to invest the time and know what you really, really want.

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