The 100 / #70: Jorgen Klausen

#70 Jorgen Klausen Klausen Photographer / Gallery Owner New Brunswick, Canada

Jorgen Klausen's images

    • Summer hockey camp at Quispamsis Arena -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Relaxing on our deck -- Jorgen Klausen
    • My wife engrossed with a good book -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Barbecue - Yum! -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Fossil Centre in Joggins Nova Scotia -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Guide talking about the amazing fossils discovered in Joggins, NS -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Looking for fossils! -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Opps - goofed on this one -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Bay of Fundy at Joggins NS (highest tides in the world - 47') -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Artist, Jessica Doyle, selling her art in Saint John City Market, -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Stacie & Alicia examining a cross stitch done in the early eighteen hundreds -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Girl with hair tattoo with her mother -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Preparing for my photo exhibition of Bay of Fundy Nudes -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Molding samples at Klausen Gallery -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Local kid magacians trying to fool Alicia -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Pick a card! -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Rock wall being built by craftsman from the UK -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Friend Sue Davis -- Jorgen Klausen
    • The men (lawyer,psychiatrist,woodworking renaissance man & university professor)who gather at Klausen Gallery to argue world politics etc. -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Local busker in front of City Market in Saint John -- Jorgen Klausen
    • I love this fellow's exuberance! Great shot. -- Tara Crowley
    • Saint John City Market -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Pete's Fruitique in City Market -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Me with my latest work in progress sculpture -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Sculpture Symposium in Saint John featuring 6 sculptors from various parts of the world -- Jorgen Klausen
    • These sculptures were so amazing I got carried away taking photos! -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Sculpture Symposium -- Jorgen Klausen
    • sculpture with city of Saint John in background -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Our local sculptor, Jim Boyd, with his creation -- Jorgen Klausen
    • The Sculpture Symposium was an incredible undertaking with 6 artists producing 6 sculptures in 6 weeks! Each sculpture was installed in a different community around Saint John. -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Fishing village, St. Martins, on the Bay of Fundy -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Boat sitting on the ocean floor at low tide. -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Sussex, New Brunswick, has several buildings with murals painted on them by different local artists - it is quite amazing! -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Another mural in Sussex, NB -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Fishing village, Chance Harbour, on Bay of Fundy on a typically beautiful summer day -- Jorgen Klausen
    • This one was also taken at Chance Harbour -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Coastline Bay of Fundy -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Boat at low tide in Dipper Harbour -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Colourful fishing gear -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Sausages on the BBQ - one of the best parts of summer -- Jorgen Klausen
    • Brenna doing fire poie on the beach near Saint John -- Jorgen Klausen

About Jorgen Klausen

Tell us a little about yourself:
My family immigrated to New Brunswick, Canada, from Denmark when I was 16 years old. I became interested in photography right around that time. I worked as a professional photographer for 29 years and then opened a framing store & gallery which I recently sold. Now I spend most of my time taking photographs and carving stones.

What one thing are you most proud of in your 70 years?
I am proud of many of my photos especially the ones taken along the Bay of Fundy. I have had several shows of both my photos and my sculptures. I am also proud of my daughter who is an amazing jeweler. I have a very supportive wife who I have been married to for 47 years. I feel this is quite an accomplishment in itself.

What one thing would you like to achieve before you reach 100?
Before I reach 100 I would like to go to Iceland and I would really like to take a ride in a hot air balloon.

What one piece of advice would you give your ten year old self?
The only advice I would give to my 10 year self would be to work at something you love because life is short and you will be 70 in a blink of an eye.

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