The 100 / #68: Linda Gibson

#68 Linda Gibson Cornwall, UK

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    • Who has a view like this from their work place? -- linda
    • Still working at the caravan park. Business as usual even though it's Jubilee week. -- linda
    • This is the one that should say who's got a view from their workplace like this. Senior moment!! -- linda gibson
    • Still working at the caravan park at 68. Business as usual even though it's the Jubilee week. -- linda
    • Our nature information board. The Olympic Torch relay started in Cornwall, with it flying into RNAS Culdrose which is near here. -- linda
    • We support several families in The Gambia by taking bags of rice when we go to their compounds.We also send a few chidren to school. -- linda
    • All caravans are cleaned and checked each Saturday, which is our busiest day. -- linda
    • Had to go out and buy a fridge even though it's Sunday. -- linda
    • Called into a pub on the way back from shopping. Interesting display of bottles. -- linda
    • Had to have a Sunday Roast in the pub. Yorkshire pudding is the best bit. -- linda
    • Watched the Jubilee River Pageant on the Sunday afternoon. Surprised how well the photo came out. -- linda
    • I think I'll have to make this a guess what it is! -- linda
    • My Coronation mug of 1953. The village tea was in the local garage which had just been built. It leaked somewhat so there were buckets strategically placed as it was pouring. -- linda
    • Walked down to the beach to check on the state of the footpath. Very overgrown so a letter to the council is needed! -- linda
    • This is usually covered in yellow irises, but the cow parsley has smothered them. -- linda
    • Kennack Sands is our local beach. -- linda gibson
    • Locals and holidaymakers enjoying the sunshine. -- linda gibson
    • The Lizard is the only area in the UK where red serpentine can be found. -- linda gibson
    • Green Serpentine is a volcnic rock also only found on The Lizard, Cornwall -- linda gibson
    • This is the marker for the Trans Atlantic Telephone Cable at Kennack Sands. -- linda gibson
    • Walked back through the woods on the other side of the valley in Gwendreath Nature Reserve. Nice and cool on a hot day with the sunlight filtering through the trees. -- linda gibson
    • Loved the pattern of the ferns. -- linda gibson
    • Monday night I have a Tai Chi class but not on a Bank Holiday. Practising the sword form and the long form outside when it was actually sunny!! -- linda gibson
    • Practising Tai Ci Sword Form. -- linda gibson
    • Tuesday 5th June. Wet today so no outside work. Household chores today. -- linda gibson
    • Nearly finished a Charley Harper needlepoint. -- linda gibson
    • Wednesday 6th June. Weather determines what we do, so as it's a sunny it's grass cutting. Girls like toys too. -- linda gibson
    • Bad hair day. -- linda gibson
    • Afternoon coffee break watching the birds. -- linda gibson
    • Celebrating the Jubilee whilst on holiday. -- linda gibson
    • Thursday. A wet day so out shopping. Helston High Street home of the Flora Dance. The gunnels carrying water down each side of the road often catch out cars being parked. -- linda gibson
    • It's a really stormy day with the trees really blowing around. Photo hasn't caught the action. -- linda gibson
    • A light shining through the rain in Truro Cathedral. -- linda gibson
    • Coffee. An essential purchase of the day. -- linda gibson
    • Friday 8th June. Pub lunch at St. Keverne. -- linda gibson
    • Cleaning bucket and vacuum cleaner ready for anothet Saturday changeover -- linda gibson
    • An unwanted visitor. -- linda gibson
    • Lots of bumblebees fly into the conservatory and they die if left in overnight. I use the fishing net to catch them and set them free. -- linda gibson
    • Should have been a large bumblebee. -- linda gibson
    • Feel like a jailer carrying these around. Weighs almost a kilo! -- linda gibson

About Linda

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I began my career as a Primary teacher before my girls were born.
I taught mainly reception children in Class 1. A mother said to me “After all these years you should have been promoted to at least Class 6″ !!

We moved to near Okehampton in Devon to a 14th century old pub.
Not my cup of tea, and it was a steep learning curve! However I wasn’t the shy person I used to be by the time we left, which was 4 years later.

We then moved to a caravan park on The Lizard, the most southerly point in Cornwall.
This is our 27th year. I enjoy being out in the sunshine and I’m so lucky to have such a lovely sea view every day.

What one thing are you the most proud of?
I’m so proud of having two caring, talented children.

What one thing do you want to do before you’re 100?
I want to see the IguaƧu Falls and the Amazon, but also live long enough to know my grandchildren.

What piece of advice would you give your ten year old self?
Have the confidence to believe in myself and grab any opportunity that comes along.

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