The 100 / #67: Paula Beth Lutzin

#67 Paula Beth Lutzin Retired Massachusetts, USA

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    • My friends taking a rest after walking our 3 miles at the beach. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Serving brunch to friends after our morning walk. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Helping a friend with her genealogy program. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Enjoying yummy Thai food for lunch with friends. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Enjoying tea in my garden. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Headed to New York for the day. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • I went to an excellent exhibit about lunch hour in New York at the New York City Public Libarary. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • I had lunch in New York at a cousin's restaurant, the excellent Jack's Wife Freda, with cousins I hadn't seen for a long time. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Wandering through a farmer's market in New York City. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Visited the Rubin Museum of Art of the Himalayas in New York. It's a great museum. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • I love the New York skyline. I don't get here very often. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • I'm at the UPS store sending my backpack on wheels out to be repaired. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Doing my weekly shopping at BJ's. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Watching a butterfly fly off my butterfly bush. I love to see the orange butterflies on the purple flowers. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Walking through Boston's Holocaust Memorial on my way to a class. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Having a cannoli at the Modern Pastry in Boston's North End. That's tonight's dinner! -- Muffy Lutzin
    • This is me! I'm just outside of my improv class in Boston's North End. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • I'm at my class at Improv Asylum. A couple of my classmates are performing a 3 line scene. I never stopped laughing during the 8 week course. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • The Boston skyline from a boat headed to Spectacle Island. This is a great place to watch the parade of tall ships. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • The parade of Tall Ships in Boston Harbor with Bunker Hill in the background. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • A closeup of the USS Constitution's rigging ("Old Ironsides"). -- Muffy Lutzin
    • The USS Constitution is out in Boston Harbor, cruising on it's annual turnaround. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • I'm flying my Betsy Ross flag for Independence Day, 4th of July. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • 4th of July fireworks from Wollaston Beach in Quincy. Tough to catch with a disposable camera! -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Visiting the tall ships with a friend. they are berthed near Boston's World Trade Center. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Lunch with a friend at Inn at By Pointe with its lovely view of Quincy Harbor from the outside deck. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • The Sailor's Home Cemetery, a Civil War naval cemetery in the middle of the marsh in Quincy, MA. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • It's wonderful to have breakfast on my deck in the nice weather. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • I'm at my Tai Kwon Do class. It keeps me fit. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • getting a pedicure is one of life's great pleasures. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • I learn so much taking one-on-one classes at the Apple Store. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Shopping for books for a one-year old's birthday. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Setting up for a birthday party in a Northborough park. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • My "adopted" Indian mother and her granddaughter. I'm at the birthday party for Mumma's great-granddaughter. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • The birthday girl and her mother at the birthday party. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • The birthday girl likes her cake! -- Muffy Lutzin
    • The birthday girl with her family. -- Muffy Lutzin
    • Having a lawn means I have to mow it! -- Muffy Lutzin
    • I really enjoy my garden in the summer. It has been a very fun project that I started with the help of friends who know a lot more about creating a garden than I do. -- Muffy Lutzin

About Paula Beth

Tell us a little about yourself:
After working most of my life, I’m now enjoying retirement. I keep very busy by walking most days and doing taikwondo, by traveling, by gardening, by photographing as much as possible, and a zillion other things.

I live in Quincy, MA and love all the activities my city and the ones around it have to offer–historical parks, environmental jewels, cityscapes, etc.

I also spend a lot of time in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I have made a lot of friends–both native Thais and other visitors to this city. I have learned to speak a little Thai and really enjoy visiting the villages, the elephants, the markets and doing things with my friends.

I am passionate about meeting people of many cultures so I can learn and appreciate how they go about their daily lives and interact with their family and friends.”

What one thing are you most proud of in your years?
I am very proud that in my working life I always chose positions where I could assist people to expand their horizons and to achieve the best of life’s offerings for themselves, first as a recreation therapist; then, working in a non-profit agency that helped people, including refugees, build careers and find employment; and, now, in my retirement, teaching English to immigrants to the US and to people in Thailand, where I spend time, who are motivated to learn the language so they can elevate their standard of living.

What one thing would you like to do before you’re 100?
One thing I would like to achieve before I’m 100 is to visit as many places as possible in the world, and to learn about the people who live in each place.

What piece of advice would you give your ten year old self?
The piece of advice I would tell my 10 year old self is to be patient and to listen and to really see in order to expand my life experiences.

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