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#60 Monette Melanson Foreign Policy Washington DC, USA

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    • I was in Kyiv, Ukraine on business, as I have customarily been in Sept, and at the main street/tourist market to begin my weeklong photo journey! -- monette melanson
    • Again, on the very hilly artist/craft street. i thought the layering was interesting, with one of the most recognized churches in the city in the background. -- monette melanson
    • That's my shadow over a pile of straw sandals. -- monette melanson
    • This is just below St. Andrew's church on Andriivski Spusk, a winding, cobblestoned street that is home to stalls selling all manner of arts and crafts. Go on the weekend for the most fun and biggest selection. I am not sure of the origins of the statue but will research. -- monette melanson
    • Kyiv has lots of interesting statues but I'm not sure who this is. Perhaps someone can help. Oh, and do go into the churches and monasteries when visiting. They are very beautiful. -- monette melanson
    • One of the stalls with some of the typical tourist fare. -- monette melanson
    • More stalls and the famous sacking dolls that are common in RUssia and elsewhere across the FSU. Kyiv has a nice selection. -- monette melanson
    • More stacking dolls and t shirts. -- monette melanson
    • I liked the fence as a window to beyond as well as a utilitarian hawker's stand. -- monette melanson
    • Typical architecture of the central area of Kyiv. Lovely and great weather that day! -- monette melanson
    • Well, i certainly filled the frame! Neat reflection in the mirrored building. This is the beginning of the market street with lots of local artists. -- monette melanson
    • Perhaps my favorite image. Love the shadows and the form of the drain spout. Subtle colors. Nice time of day for shadows. -- monette melanson
    • A peak at a couple on a bench. -- monette melanson
    • More of me in shadow. I rather like this image, between the old swing and the shadows. -- monette melanson
    • This was a failed attempt at taking my own image in a mirrored window. As i recall, the flash went off. Oh well. At least, at sixty, i can recall what i was attempting to do! -- monette melanson
    • I was in the airport at three am in Baku, Azerbaijan when i learned that Michael Jackson had died. When i saw this portrait, I recalled that moment. -- monette melanson
    • More art on the street. -- monette melanson
    • Puppets on a shelf. -- monette melanson
    • The architect is retaining the shell of the old building and in fillings the rest. Kind of cool. -- monette melanson
    • Top of the church. -- monette melanson
    • A sweet little display. -- monette melanson
    • I am not sure if this man was protesting something or homeless or both. perhaps someone who reads Ukrainian can help fill out the story. -- monette melanson
    • A typical street stand. -- monette melanson
    • My lovely little Havanese is on the left, with her poodle friend Rusty, on their Sunday morning off leash jaunt. -- monette melanson
    • The Dupont Circle market in Washington, DC, which is open year round and on my regular Sunday route. Great produce, cheese, meats, eggs and all local. -- monette melanson
    • Dogs aren't allowed in the main area of the farmer's market so I tried to get a dog's view of his Sunday morning holding pattern. -- monette melanson
    • This is my neighborhood. We've got a couple of these signs on the main drag (Wisconsin Ave.) letting people know we are NOT Georgetown :-) -- monette melanson
    • Another Sunday favorite is the flea market in northern Georgetown/Burleith. This is a neat vintage stand that was new to me. Cool stuff. -- monette melanson
    • I tried not to take multiples of scenes but I obviously liked this stand! I bought a pair of earrings. -- monette melanson
    • Washington DC has lots of old call boxes that used to house emergency lines to the fire department. Lots of them are still standing and artists have been painting them. It is a wonderful and local way of displaying our local talent and preserving the past. Look for them if you come to visit DC! -- monette melanson
    • This is a view of my dining table, with lots of plants. The paper mache head I bought at the flea market. He's wearing a Bruce Springsteen cap I bought at the concert that week at the baseball stadium. I'm a big Springsteen fan. -- monette melanson
    • I swear by Pilates. This was taken in the studio where I take a "chair" class. Don't be deceived. This is not an hour of sitting on a chair but a great workout! Try it if you haven't already. -- monette melanson
    • I went to Capital Hill to pick up some dog treats and ran into the Marine Barracks' row street festival. Lots of fun! -- monette melanson
    • One of the Marines at the festival and his somewhat larger, blow up brother. -- monette melanson
    • I like this photo a lot, as well. Guess the bulldog is an honorary marine, or a mascot. -- monette melanson
    • The sign proving this was the street festival. I could have taken lots more pics but my disposal was finished. What a great week! Thanks to Matthew and the 100 Project for this opportunity to let the world peak into my little world! -- monette melanson

About Monette

Tell us a little about yourself:
I am a non traditional person working in a traditional environment – the Defense Department, yet i started civil service in the Peace Corps. I grew up in the Boston area with a father who was a French teacher and an uncle who worked for Pan Am and I attribute my love of travel to them. I’ve foregone a more conventional life progression to dance to my own tunes. I love dogs, photography, Springsteen, cooking up global cuisines, art deco, France and staying fit and sane through Pilates. I plan to retire soon, and hope to have more time for old and new hobbies. i am a lifelong learner and do it best when i am exploring new places, however i get there.

Tell us one thing you’re the most proud of?
To have listened to my gut instincts and not conventional wisdom.

What one thing do you hope to achieve by 100?
Adding another ten or a hundred countries/cities/hamlets to my long list of places I have been, and returning to some of my favorites, like Paris.

What one thing have you seen in your lifetime that has changed the world the most significantly?
Things beginning with the letter “i” (and i seem to own all of them!)

What one piece of advice would you give your 10 year old self?
Don’t be afraid of trying new things and going to new places. There is always something to learn and someone to meet around the next corner.

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