The 100 / #6: Elias Kornelsen

#6 Elias Kornelsen British Columbia, Canada

Elias's images

    • This is Sam, my baby brother. He is so cute! -- Elias (and Mom)
    • My mom, older sister and baby brother. And somebody's head in the way, too! -- Elias (and Mom)
    • Snow on our picnic table. We have lots of snow this winter. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • A close up of the picnic table. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • I love these trees! -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is a BIG mess....this is kind of clean actually (that is what Elias says about this one..) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • My brother Ben (2) playing with the stereo. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is Ben in our van. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • A watched pot never boils..? (Mom's words) I love these pancakes. (, it doesn't make any sense) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • Erik (4) is being silly. (Mama thinks he just didn't want his picture taken) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • (End grinder for concrete cylinders) -- Dad
    • This is a machine at Daddy's work. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • (Air compressor) -- Dad
    • This is another machine at Daddy's work. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is dirt. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • (continued)egg cartons to give back to the farmers that we got the eggs from. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • Oranges, apples and bananas. (Elias) And Mama's giant stack of -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is Elias! -- Elias (and Mom)
    • Sam was tasting his first solid food...he didn't like it very much (Mom) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • Erik is sticking his tongue out. (Elias) He very seldom smiles for pictures..he loves to be silly. (Mom) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is Jenny up on her bed. (Elias) And you can see some of the "artwork" the kids have done on the walls. (Mom) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is our van. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is an egg frying. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is Daddy sitting on the couch. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is me and I look sad and I'm very silly. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • These are German pancakes. (Elias) YUM! (Mom) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is Ben's crayon bag. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • Erik is crawling behind the bed and Ben is standing in his underwear. (Elias) Apparently, despite the "no pictures of people in their underwear" speech, he took one anyway. I guess we can be thankful for the long shirt. (Mom) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is Ben with a spoon in his mouth. (Elias) I noticed that Elias seemed to take the most pictures of Ben. Not sure why, but maybe he ran away the least. (Mom) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is Erik at the table. (Elias) Again, not smiling. (Mom) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • Sam in the jolly jumper. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • These are cards all over the floor. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is my cousin Noah standing in the kitchen at my house. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is my cousin Hayden. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • These are our suitcases. (Elias) Packed for a weekend away in Alberta. (Mom) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • We were at Taco Time, having nachos. I shouldn't have eaten those nachos. (Elias) HA! (Mom) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is Ben and Sam on the bed at the hotel. -- Elias (and Mom)
    • Sam and Daddy in the pool. (Elias) Daddy still sporting his November mustache. (Mom) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • I don't actually know where this was. (Elias) At Future Shop buying Mama's new camera! (Mom) Oh! It was where I saw a phone that had Angry Birds! (Elias) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is Noah jumping in the pool. (Elias) I am amazed at the timing here - good one, Elias! (Mom) -- Elias (and Mom)
    • This is Ben at Arby's, Daddy's favourite place to eat. -- Elias (and Mom)

About Elias

Tell us a little about yourself:
I’m Elias. I live in a house in Canada. I like to take pictures, jump on the trampoline with my Daddy, play with trains and go to the library. I like spending time with my family.

What do you think you might take photos of?
I will take pictures of our whole house and outside, and our family.

What do you think it might be like to be 100 years old?
It might feel like being a dad.

Elias’ mom, Katie adds:
Elias is the second born in a family of five kids. He has one older sister who is seven and three younger brothers who are four, two and five months. He gets very excited when a new baby is born. He is half American as I was born and raised in the United States, but for now only has citizenship in Canada, where he was born. His daddy works for an engineering firm and I stay home and take care of him and his siblings and home school them. He is in first grade this year and learning to read. Elias helps clean up around the house and take care of his younger siblings, especially the baby. I sometimes find that he has changed a diaper when I wasn’t looking. He loves to help out. His best friends are his brothers and sister and his cousins. He loves nearly anything to do with science and is very curious about everything around him and how it works. Elias is also quite a goof ball, but then so are the rest of our kids, so he fits right in.

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