The 100 / #57: Anne Marie Høgevold

#57 Anne Marie Høgevold Handicrafter Oslo, Norway

Anne Marie's images

    • A dark start, - it gets better! -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • Spring, with a leak wooden boat on a beautiful lake in the forest, close to Oslo, Norway -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • I love this picture. So calming. -- The 100 Team
    • I love to work freely on a piece of fabric,use colours and different materials. -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • you make beautiful fabric come alive -- love the colors and the materials. -- Tara Crowley
    • Rainbow-circles, my textile work. -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • My "wild-growing" garden. -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • Spring clearing, - recyceling old materials. -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • Traditional wooden log cabin in Fyresdal, Norway -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • This is absolutely beautiful! -- Emily Yeoh
    • Magical mountain-wall, in Telemark -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • Learning how to use wildgowing plants as food and make tasty and smoothies, in Skien -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • Apple tree full of flowers -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • Me -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • great portrait! -- Tara Crowley
    • Spring, - so beautiful with all the flowers just waking up after a long winter. -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • this fella looks like he's in charge! -- Tara Crowley
    • After a long life on the farm, just left and forgotten. -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • My little guest house in the garden. -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • Drying clothes in the garden. -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • My 3 daughters and grand-daughter in their national costume, on May 17, our national day. -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • great to see such beautiful dresses. -- Tara Crowley
    • Childrens parade in Oslo, on May 17. -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • Grand Hotel in Oslo covered with Norwegian flag on our national day. -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • Celebrating May 17! -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • House of Parliament in Oslo -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • 3 good friends, - Lana - Luna - Lilia in the kindergarden, Oslo -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • Løvetann - Taraxacum - Dandelion, maybe the best weeds,you can eat and enjoy the whole plant, full of good stuff - and so beautiful! -- Anne Marie Høgevold
    • My home. -- Anne Marie Høgevold

About Anne Marie

What one thing are you most proud of in your 57 years so far?
All the bits and pieces in my life that has brought me to who I am today.

What one thing do you hope to do before you’re 100 years old?
I hope to design and build my own sustainable house, made with materials of no cost, healthy and beautiful, with renewable energy and a garden full of eatable good stuff. With beautiful flowers, insects, butterflies and birds. An open house for family and friends from all over the universe!

What do you feel is the most significant thing that has changed in the world during your lifetime?
The Internet.

What one piece of advice would you give your 10 year old self?
Live 100% in the NOW.

Tell us a little bit about your mother (by Mariann, daughter)
My mum has her own truth and lives by what she feel is right for her and not what society requires from her. She keeps challenging herself and her creativity by studying different crafts; carpentry, candle-making, weaving, embroidery, knitting, poetry, etc. I’m always more surprised when there’s something she can’t do, than something she can.

She’s such a positive person who goes out of her way to help others. Her front door has a sign that says “The door is open, welcome in!”, and there’s rarely a day that pass that a friend or acquaintance isn’t sitting in front of the fireplace with her and a cup of tea.

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