The 100 / #56: Lynette Evans

#56 Lynette Evans Spain

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Tell us a little about yourself:
Photographer, Artist, Teacher, Student, Mother, Philosopher, Reiki Practitioner, Seeker

Born & bred in beautiful, magical SW Wales, I was born with the travel bug & a need to embrace new cultures. I’ve lived in Italy, Belgium,Spain & the USA, enjoyed many years in sunny San Diego, CA., where my two children remain.
In 2010, I moved to Peru, but the altitude didn’t agree with me, so after climbing up as much of Machu Picchu as I could, I left and returned to Europe & am now in Madrid.

I am who I am. Today, it’s photography and art that feed my creative soul, while teaching English supports my life. But tomorrow….who knows?
There is something beautiful and magical in everything… you just have to look at it with the eyes of your heart…

What one thing are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of my resilience & belief that no matter what, I will land on my feet. Attempting a marathon at 44, with no experience in running, but inspired by the cause. My two children, who have supported me so fully in my need to travel & that as a result, only get to see me a few days a year. sorry, couldn’t just choose one!

What one thing do you hope to have achieved by 100?
By 100, I hope to have no regrets, lived in Thailand & India & then be back in Wales with my family.

What is the most significant thing you’ve seen in your life time that had the most impact upon the world?
The most significant change in the world has to be the internet & the ability to share with the world so easily

What one piece of advice would you give your 10 year old self.
Advice to my 10 year old self – always follow your heart and believe in your own strength.

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