The 100 / #53: Nick Tapp

#53 Nick Tapp Chief Executive Brighton, UK

Nick's images

    • A photo of a meeting of volunteers at my workplace, the wonderful ULO East Sussex Disability Association -- Nick Tapp
    • Another photo of the same meeting -- Nick Tapp
    • I was at a meeting at County Hall and took a photo from the window of the meeting room - on a sunny day (hahahaha) it's a great view across the Ouse valley -- Nick Tapp
    • Our cat Sybil - the PC and desk belong to her, obviously -- Nick Tapp
    • I was chosen as a giver on World Book Night and gave out 25 copies of A Time Travellers Wife. Some went to friends and family but most went to complete strangers who I accosted on the street. -- Nick Tapp
    • My partner, Graham, bought a small flat to let. This was the pile of boxes for the new central heating etc that greeted us when we went round -- Nick Tapp
    • And here's the lovely Graham in kitchen fitting mode. Apart from being lovely he's very handy about the house! -- Nick Tapp
    • View from our bedroom window. St Wilfred's, the decommissioned church at the end of our garden, has been converted into flats. It's a listed building and thankfully we think it's beautiful -- Nick Tapp
    • Taken from inside my car whilst waiting at traffic lights in historic Lewes -- Nick Tapp
    • Our street, our house is the end of terrace nearest the camera. Also G's van -- Nick Tapp
    • I dropped my bag with the camera in it after taking the last shot and this is the result -- Nick Tapp
    • Graham - at the pub and in deep shade -- Nick Tapp
    • Dessert at the Dover Castle -- Nick Tapp
    • And the Dover Castle itself - lovely pub with good food too -- Nick Tapp
    • I get to travel around East sussex a fair bit with my work - stopped here at Pevensey Bay for my sandwich on the way to one our local group's AGMs -- Nick Tapp
    • One of our accessible buses -- Nick Tapp
    • Another day another meeting - this time a local conference about Personalisation at a local golf club -- Nick Tapp
    • The interior of the venue for aforementioned conference is enough to tell you that this wasn't put on by the local voluntary sector -- Nick Tapp
    • Squash and pumkin seedlings in our spare room. When they're big enough they'll be planted out on our allotment -- Nick Tapp
    • OK so I like reading - part of my library - mostly fiction (including a fair bit of sci-fi and fantasy stuff but proper literature too) -- Nick Tapp
    • a small part of my colelction of books - no you can never have too many -- Nick Tapp
    • My Kewpie collection - I have friends who think they're strange, even creepy -- Nick Tapp
    • My Kewpies (and 2 Marvin the Martians keeping them under control). They are on a shelf above our stairs - I have friends who think they're odd and even some who think they're creepy -- Nick Tapp
    • View from North Road car park in Brighton -- Nick Tapp
    • View from North Road carpark in Brighton - you can just about see 2 of the domes of the Corn Exchange -- Nick Tapp
    • View from our allotment across Brighton. I love this view - it's glorious on a sunny day (of which there were sadly few when I had my camera!) -- Nick Tapp
    • View across Brighton from our allotment -- Nick Tapp
    • A view of part of our allotment - the tidy part. The artichokes have been great this year but they're about the only thing that has -- Nick Tapp
    • a view of part of our allotment (much tidier that the one in the previous photo - well this bit of it anyway) -- Nick Tapp
    • Me - taken by Graham who appears to have got the hang of the camera better than I did -- Nick Tapp
    • Me, in our front room. Taken by Graham, who appears to be much better with the camera than me. -- Nick Tapp
    • Outside Brighton Library lookig across to the Chilli Pickle - which we must go to soon. -- Nick Tapp
    • Brighton - taken from outside the library looking towards the Chilli Pickle -- Nick Tapp
    • Art in a garden in Hove during the Brighton Festival. People open their homes at the weeknds during the Festival - lots of beautiful things for sale and lots of snooping in strangers' homes - excellent -- Nick Tapp
    • Exhibits in the garden of one of the Open Houses in Hove -- Nick Tapp
    • Our talented friends Philip and Joe. They make silver and glass jewellery and exhibit at one of the Open Houses -- Nick Tapp
    • Philip & Joe, two of our talented friends who sell their wares at various venues including the Wolf at the Door, Open House in Hove -- Nick Tapp
    • The wolf at the Wolf at the Door Open House - accompanied by a dragon/horse -- Nick Tapp
    • The wolf at Wolf at the Door being kept company by a dragon(?) -- Nick Tapp
    • Graham (and my thumb) on the train to London -- Nick Tapp
    • Graham and my my hand on the train to London -- Nick Tapp
    • Our great friend Martin and his partner Tim at Ping Pong - dim sum restaurant in London -- Nick Tapp
    • At lunch with one of our dearest friends, Martin and his partner, Tim. Dim sum in Ping Pong - very nice indeed -- Nick Tapp
    • Me on the roof of One Exchange with St Pauls and the city behind -- Nick Tapp
    • Me, on the roof of the St Paul's shopping centre -- Nick Tapp
    • And to finish, Sybil - obviously keenly interested in my engagement in the 100 Project -- Nick Tapp
    • And Sybil to end with - she was really interested in this project as you can see. -- Nick Tapp

About Nick

Tell us a little about yourself:
I was born in Brighton and raised in Lewes, a market town about 8 miles from Brighton. I have happy memories of my school days at the Pells and later Lewes Priory.

From there I moved to Milton Keynes where I studied at the Milton Keynes College of Education and trained to be a teacher. Sadly I never taught but went into fashion retail. I held a number of positions with several companies including Lord John and Next.

In 1991 following a difficult year I found myself out of work and my mum asked me to come into the voluntary organisation she worked for and give them some of my time. From this voluntary opportunity I went onto a job placement scheme and landed the job as Information Officer for the East Sussex Disability Association. I have been with them ever since and am now Chief Executive.

I live with my partner, Graham, and our cat, Sybil, in an Edwardian terraced house that we renovated. We’ve lived there for about 13 years now. We host foreign students for several weeks of the year and I find this very interesting and enjoyable. It’s also led us to visit Bogota to see one of the students. We have a small flat in Andalucia which we visit as often as possible.

What one thing are you most proud of in your 53 years?
I’m proud of several things that I have achieved in my life so far – wonderful partner, lovely home, good and interesting job, fantastic set of friends, reasonably well travelled and so on. I guess I’m most proud of coming out which has enabled me to be true to myself and others.

What one thing do you want to have done before you’re 100?
Before I’m 100 I hope to have travelled a lot more and that we’ve retired to a small plot in Spain where I can have chickens and a couple of Pugs (even though Graham can’t abide them!).

What piece of advice would you give your 10 year old self?
I would tell my 10 year old self to be true to yourself and that being honest is the best policy. I knew at about that age that I wasn’t the same as other boys but felt under pressure to conform and was scared to be different. Being different is good and anyone who really matters will love you despite that difference.

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