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#50 Duffy Knox Animator Los Angeles, CA, USA

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    • The view out my living room window. -- Duffy Knox
    • I believe this is a view of the LA skyline, but who knows? ;-) This camera doesn't play well with darkness. It makes me appreciate my digital cameras even more. -- Duffy Knox
    • Really great shot considering it's with a disposable camera! -- Emily Yeoh
    • Snow covered branches on the way back from snow boarding in Big Bear. -- Duffy Knox
    • Traffic to and from the ski area tends to be a little slow .... -- Duffy Knox
    • Packing up the gear after a stellar day of boarding. This is a small ski area on the way to Big Bear lake from Los Angeles. The drive is around 2 hours, and I certainly could have been surfing on the same day had I wished (or if I surfed). You have to love LA. -- Duffy Knox
    • Me in front of the ski lift. It was snowing heavily on this spring day, and the powder was deep. Lovely! -- Duffy Knox
    • me in front -- Duffy Knox
    • Machelle trying out her new ski gear. It was a low snow winter and this was the first time we managed to make it out onto the slopes. -- Duffy Knox
    • The drive up to Big Bear, lots of snow flakes! -- Duffy Knox
    • More snow falling on the way up to the ski hill. -- Duffy Knox
    • Love the snow falling -- Gessica
    • Highway 10 out of downtown LA, heading towards the clouds and snow in the mountains. -- Duffy Knox
    • Fantastic skies! -- The 100 Team
    • A little bit of wine in front of the tv. -- Duffy Knox
    • Those of you who don't live in the western US (and little out east) are missing out on doing your shopping at Trader Joes. Its hard to explain exactly what it is, but its' tropically themed aisles contain products you can't get anywhere else. I love the fchocolate covered frozen banana pieces. -- Duffy Knox
    • Climbing at Rockreation, our local gym. Its not as dark and cavelike as it appears in these pictures! Keeping in shape for climbing outside on the weekends. -- Duffy Knox
    • Machelle has got to reach the roof or she is not coming down! -- Duffy Knox
    • Shopping on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica is a treat. It sits right beside the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and the Santa Monica pier. -- Duffy Knox
    • A little sushi for lunch -- Duffy Knox
    • The weekly farmer's market on the promenade. I must say that if you go by my pictures it looks as though it rains and snows all the time in LA! Anyhow, these markets happen all over Los Angeles each week, with fresh produce from the myriad of local farms attracting hordes of shoppers. -- Duffy Knox
    • A view along the promenade from the shopping centre at the end. -- Duffy Knox
    • Traffic in LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). Not that you can see it here. -- Duffy Knox
    • Picking up Machelle at the airport -- Duffy Knox
    • I wish the camera worked better in the dark. This would have been a picture of the internally lit pylons which grace the skyline in LAX, and are pretty cool looking. You'll have to imagine it. -- Duffy Knox
    • The view in the Sepulveda pass coming home from work. I work in burbank and live in Culver City, which is quite a drive in traffic, and there is a mountain range in the middle of it. -- Duffy Knox
    • I hadn't realized the walls of my office looked quite this barren. I actually have pictures just out of the camera range, really I do. Anyhow, this is where I spend my days lighting and compositing animated feature films at Walt Disney animation. I'm hard at work on Wreck-it Ralph at the moment. -- Duffy Knox
    • Warming up for our ultimate frisbee game. We play at lunch 3 times a week to help stave off the inevitable physical decline from hunching over our computer monitors all day. -- Duffy Knox
    • Great shot! Composition, color, subject all wonderful. -- Tara Crowley
    • I hope it doesn't hit my camera ... -- Duffy Knox
    • Driving back from frisbee. It can get quite hot in Burbank, but the air conditioning awaits us back at work. -- Duffy Knox
    • The morning light in a park near Disney on Riverside road in Burbank. -- Duffy Knox
    • yes, very lovely picture. -- Tara Crowley
    • Long shadows leading to the car. I stopped on the way to work to try to get the glowing light. -- Duffy Knox
    • This is a great shot! -- Maike
    • Very beautiful light on the trees. -- Sarah
    • The gear room, where I store the toys for all the outdoor activities I do. Mountain bikes, Stand up paddleboard gear, canyoneering, climbing, camping, hiking, frisbee, etc. This room makes me happy. -- Duffy Knox
    • The living room of my apartment in Culver City. Los Angeles is really made up of many smaller cities which kind of get lumped into the LA umbrella. -- Duffy Knox
    • The front of the Disnay Animation building where I work under the hat (not literally but figuratively) -- Duffy Knox
    • We're honoured to have visited Disney! -- The 100 Team
    • Canyoneering practice at Stoney Point in Chatsworth, CA. We practiced anchor setting skills, problem solving, rappeling etc. -- Duffy Knox
    • Testing anchors and redirecting the rope -- Duffy Knox
    • rappeling off a "meat anchor" -- Duffy Knox
    • Suiting up for a day on the rock -- Duffy Knox
    • Getting in to the new car. -- Duffy Knox

About Duffy

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I was born in Canada, grew up outside Montreal, in Halifax and Ottawa, went to university at the university of Waterloo and ended up with a degree in drama with a minor in chemistry and music, and my highest marks in computer science. As you can tell, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. I spent my first 10 years out of university in Toronto trying to make a living as an actor. I wasn’t exceptionally successful in that endeavour and had to make ends meet working as a computer consultant, and more often as an office worker at the university of Toronto department of chemistry. After 10 years I decided to make a change and put my interest in computers and drama and animation to work. I went back to school at the international academy of design for animation, then came to Los Angeles and started working at Rhythm and Hues. From there I spent 10 years at Sony Imageworks, then back to R&H then over to Disney, where I work now. My hobbies are photography and doing stuff in the great outdoors such as climbing, canyoneering, cycling, kayaking, cycling …. On a normal week I will spend 9 hours a weekday at disney in front of the computer, go out and play ultimate frisbee at lunch 3 times a week, go to the climbing gym a couple of times a week, go home and cook, read, be with my girlfriend etc, and on the weekends I try to get outside to see new places, be with friends, have fun and take pictures. My favorite place is Zion National Park, but other national parks of all types are great as well, and the mojave desert, San gabriel mountains, pacific ocean, Sierra Nevada and other locations are my regular playgrounds.

What one thing are you proud of so far in your 50 years?
Going back to school and changing the entire direction of my life was probably the hardest thing to do. I had been living in Toronto working as an administrative assistant (a secretary) at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto while I tried to make a living as an actor. I was doing plenty of amateur acting but not much professional work, and I had to admit to myself that I didn’t want to act enough to make the necessary sacrifices and work as hard as I needed to. I figured my background in computers and theatre, and my interest in animation would suit me for a career in the visual effects industry, so I found a local school where I could learn the upper tier of software and create a demo reel and buckled down to 8 months of 14 hour days. I found being more mature made me a much better student then my first foray into post-secondary education, and my experience was all directly applicable to what I was learning. When I was finished with school I headed down to Los Angeles, did some interviews, got a job, and the rest is history.

What one piece of advice would you give you 10 year old self?
Time is fleeting. Make the most of it.

What challenges do you think you’ll face over the next 50 years?
Saving enough money for retirement, getting older and not being able to do the things I love doing now.

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