The 100 / #5: Lucas Gray-Donald

#5 Lucas Gray-Donald Bangalore, India

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    • This was my first look at the Mysore Palace in Mysore. It was pretty but a little boring. -- Lucas
    • what an exciting time in your life! All the new sights, sounds, people, customs. You are very lucky. -- Tara Crowley
    • This rickshaw driver was waiting for a passenger. I don't know why or how he got inside the palace grounds. -- Lucas
    • Here are some people looking at the palace. I don't know why I took a picture of them. -- Lucas
    • The ground was very uneven. -- Lucas
    • I like these pictures of cracks in the pavement, remind me of being a child in Cyprus, as does the picture of the fan on the ceiling. Great to see these! -- Sophie Lowe
    • So proud of your photos Lucas! This one makes me laugh out loud a lot since I can see you watching the Rhinocerous peeing. -- Anna aka. BeachMama
    • This is a rhinocerous peeing. It made me laugh. Still makes me laugh. -- Lucas
    • He had to pee for a long time. -- Lucas
    • A crocodile was cooling off in this little pool at the Mysore Zoo. It was hot here. -- Lucas
    • This crocodile's long snout was full of sharp teeth! -- Lucas
    • This fence protected us, so the crocodiles could not eat us! -- Lucas
    • We went back to Mysore Palace at night. This boy is crazy, sitting on the barrier. I liked his spiderman pants. -- Lucas
    • this is a wonderful picture, Lucas. The boy perched precariously on a fence, with the beautiful lights behind him. Well done. -- Tara Crowley
    • Mysore palace was beautiful at night when they turned on all the lights and the soldiers made music. -- Lucas
    • These are Shivanasamudra Falls, near Mysore. They are the second tallest falls in all of India. -- Lucas
    • Shivanasamudra Falls. There was not a lot of water because India did not have a good monsoon this year. -- Lucas
    • We still liked looking at Shivanasamudra Falls, even though there was not a lot of water. These are the second tallest water falls in all of India. -- Lucas
    • This is a sugar cookie, made by Lakshmi. Snack time!! The coaster is from our friends who lived in South Africa (Cape Town) -- Lucas
    • This is my mom, at our house in Bangalore. I love her. -- Lucas
    • My sister and I planted these sunflowers from seeds from our neighbour's sunflowers. They never bloomed for us. -- Lucas
    • The ceiling fan kept us cool in India. It was really hot sometimes. It spun really, really fast. -- Lucas
    • This little pussy cat came to see us everyday and reminded us of our cat in Canada. She hissed at me and scared me when I tried to take her picture. -- Lucas
    • We had really pretty flowers in the garden. This is a bouganvilla. -- Lucas
    • My mom took this picture of me. I don't like getting my picture taken. -- Lucas
    • This is my little sister. I like this picture of her. She is nice and we play lots. -- Lucas
    • My mom was shaking her hair for me to take a picture of. -- Lucas
    • The black dot in the sky is an eagle. We saw eagles flying over our house every day. -- Lucas
    • I took my camera to school for show and tell. My teachers were really interested. This is my best friend. -- Lucas
    • This a picture of me, on the month of March in my classroom. My birthday is in March. -- Lucas
    • Thank you for sharing those with us Lucas, was fun to get a peek into your life in India -- Anna aka. BeachMama
    • Lunch time, but this is not my lunch. I do not remember whose lunch it was. -- Lucas

About Lucas

Tell us a little bit about Lucas:
Lucas is a wonderful little boy who is full of life, energy, and questions. He is always wanting to learn about everything that he comes across, and will ask a multitude of pointed questions about every new thing that he encounters. He is also a kind boy who is always looking out for his family and friends. He is very interested and active in sports, especially hockey, but this year in India he has also added football and cricket to that list. We gave him his first camera, one of my old digital cameras, when he was three. He happily snaps away, and has been known to borrow his dad’s SLR of late. If ever he forgets his camera, he is happy to compose shots and direct me to take them!

Tell us a little bit about Lucas’s mother, Krista:
Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, I lived my entire life there until last October, when my husband’s job uprooted us. I am now spending this year experiencing India with my family and my camera. I come from a long line of amateur photographers, starting from my paternal grandfather, who is still clicking, well into his nineties. Back in Ottawa, I work as an advocate for victims of crime.

What is Lucas likely to take photos of?
Lucas is excited by all of the new things that he is experiencing in India and the beauty that surrounds us, but he is most excited by his best pal, his little sister, and the adventures that they create together. I expect that he will take a combination of those.

What do you think will be the biggest adventure/challenge for him as he grows towards 100 years old?
Not to be limited by the expectations of those around him. We want him to continue to think, and think critically, and not just go for the easy or expected answers.

What one thing have you learned from your son?
That you can never stop learning. He teaches me as much as I teach him. I love learning with him.

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