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#48 Julie Jackson Internet Legend Texas, USA

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    • As a native of Dallas and an early resident of downtown, I have a love for the center of the city. Which is why I decided to start the camera near downtown. -- Julie Jackson
    • The Calatrava Bridge in Dallas, complete with Texas flag of course. -- Julie Jackson
    • One of several Shepherd Fairey murals recently added near downtown. -- Julie Jackson
    • What murals looked like before Shepherd Fairey rolled into town...this one's about a block away from the previous photo. -- Julie Jackson
    • Great old motel sign recently saved from the wrecking ball. Remember Alamo Plaza. -- Julie Jackson
    • Disposable cameras do not produce my best work - ha! This is a tiny peek at the edge of the skyline, I guess. -- Julie Jackson
    • Hmm, bar stage made of pallets... I clearly underestimated the disposable camera. Fail! -- Julie Jackson
    • The waitress was really nice to dig through the order numbers and find 48 for me. -- Julie Jackson
    • Caution, Neiman Marcus window, flagship store. -- Julie Jackson
    • One of the new parks downtown, this one utilizing an old landmark sign. -- Julie Jackson
    • I'm so used to being able to edit photos -- this was an attempt to document a crazy Dallas sports fan. They had stickers this large on every window but the front. -- Julie Jackson
    • The top of our piano is where our Siamese cats hang out. This week it was taken over with my first large order for, so it became a shipping station. Trying to capture the mundane everyday stuff here. -- Julie Jackson
    • A few of the kits we were assembling for our sale. -- Julie Jackson
    • Large-scale cross stitch: raffia on foam core. Our summer fireplace with log pillows. -- Julie Jackson
    • An attempt to share the funkiness of our mid-century bungalow. -- Julie Jackson
    • I love my Beetle, can you tell? -- Julie Jackson
    • One of the best things about Dallas is the weather (most of the time, anyway). -- Julie Jackson
    • End of a long weekend, Fab order complete, ready to ship. Time to pass out! -- Julie Jackson
    • Paper screen I made for my office window, my view every day. Since this was taken, we have two new kittens who have made their edit by clawing out the ones they didn't like. Sigh. -- Julie Jackson
    • Another everyday occurrence: my daily ze frank. -- Julie Jackson
    • For the self-portrait, I chose my About Me page at Because I think more people know me online than IRL. -- Julie Jackson
    • The other view from my desk, my overgrown bulletin board 'o memories. Some of my favorite things and cards from friends. -- Julie Jackson
    • For the 10th year of Subversive, I finally started hanging some of my collection from fellow stitchers on the wall. I need a lot more walls. -- Julie Jackson
    • Everything I've ever done fits on two shelves. ;) Subversive books, calendar, magnets, cards, matches...Kitty Wigs books and book release party poster. -- Julie Jackson
    • Documentation of my luck. I was worried this took a photo of my legs when I dropped it, but it's just the wall. Phew! -- Julie Jackson
    • I love my deer print by Jill Johnson, my photographer friend who shot all the Kitty Wigs photos for the book. She's terrific and this print makes me so happy. -- Julie Jackson
    • Ew! In my rush to get a shot of the cats, I had to bribe them with cat food. This is not at all flattering. Don't tell them it's here. -- Julie Jackson
    • Downtown again - there is always a crowd where JFK was assassinated, even now. My parents were there that day in 1963, they're in the Zapruder film right next to the "gin and tonic" man. My mom was early in her pregnancy with me, so I was KIND OF there. Though I can't say I remember a thing! -- Julie Jackson
    • Oak Cliff has become the interesting side of town for the hipster crowd. But you can still plan your auténtico fiestas here. -- Julie Jackson
    • Oh dear. Tee many martoonis. I think I was trying to show you the horrible Vegas-y lights on the new Omni. -- Julie Jackson
    • Back to Kitty Wigs. This is the holiday wig Boone wore for our Christmas cards, in front of an award from the Dallas Observer for "Best Cat Coiffure" from a few years ago. He is such a good sport. -- Julie Jackson
    • Some of my favorite things my favorite people have given me include the book cover which says "God speaks to me...and he tells me to send more mail" from a friend who was into mail art. -- Julie Jackson
    • Oak Cliff has become the interesting side of town for the hipster crowd. But you can still plan your auténtico fiestas here. -- Julie Jackson
    • A piece I recently stitched because life is...depressingly awesome. -- Julie Jackson

About Julie

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I’m the creator of Subversive Cross Stitch and Kitty Wigs. I’m the first one to remind you that self-induced hilarity is absolutely vital. I’m the one who comes to your party and spends the whole time talking to your dog. I’m a native of Dallas and the youngest in a family of seven kids whose names all begin with the letter “J”. I’m the gal who talked my way into an internship with /Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood/ while I was stuck in Pittsburgh at grad school (weekdays were spent with Heidegger and Husserl; weekends in the Purple Panda suit at public appearances with Bob Dog and Mr. McFeely). I don’t own a cell phone because I don’t like to be so easily reachable and interrupt-able.

What one thing are you most proud of in your years so far?
I feel incredibly lucky to have found a way to work for myself and that my work makes people laugh and participate. Also, I consider it a great achievement to have been married for over 20 years and that we still have so much fun together.

What one thing do you hope to have achieved by the age of 100?
I would love to make so much money that I could donate large amounts to those in need.

What one thing have you seen in your lifetime which has changed the world the most significantly?
The Internet-web-chat-thingy. I don’t know where I’d be without it.

What piece of advice would you give to your 10 year old self?
Embrace — no, celebrate — your awkward dorkiness.

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