The 100 / #45: Valérie Richoilley

#45 Valérie Richoilley Illustrator La Garde, France

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    • Hey it's a nice surprise to discover my camera has been developed. Oops, It seems it's for a while already! Thanks a lot Matthew Hi everybody! I began the roll at the end of September, on a sunny afternoon walk at the sea-side. It's my favorite place in my neighborhood. Hi Tara, I'd like to see what does that place in california looks like. I've never been there yet... For sure, it's something I should do before I reach 100! -- valerie R
    • looks lovely there in the south of France. It reminds me of the central California coast around Monterey and Big Sur. -- Tara Crowley
    • The garden around, facing the sea, are just incredible. -- valerie R
    • Sunday. Season's end. Savoring... I used to live for along time in cold grey areas so it's still a bit supernatural to live by the sea. Taking some non-sense picture make me somehow simply realize. Hmmm! sorry for the bad crop ! -- valerie R
    • hi! -- valerie R
    • well, it seems someone was diving too fast for me here. He's gone already...Now you just have to imagine! -- valerie R
    • kids are still sleeping at home. It's still early for a Sunday morning... especially for teens! Then, just both of us. Bright light. Fresh water. It's our moment. -- valerie R
    • hello monday morning ! snapping the good mood of the week which begin with this nice camera project to complete. -- valerie R
    • coffee break on the balcony after a few hours of work, then back to workspace while home is quiet... -- valerie R
    • A rendez-vous in Toulon. Then, meeting my friend of echting workshop in Beaux-arts school. That camera shop is filled with treasures. -- valerie R
    • looking for a snack -- valerie R
    • The kitsch building I'm passing by each day at the corner of my street. I thing it's representative of the atmosphere of this place. I'm still not used to live here. Sometimes I miss big and rush cities. -- valerie R
    • on our way to the library with my girl -- valerie R
    • then, gloomy waiting room at the doctor ! -- valerie R
    • Music... and a fun hat she found in the studio. She said it's good to get the vibes. -- valerie R
    • after the drum session, I'm checking out if birds let us some pomegranates in the trees in front of the studio... No they didn't! -- valerie R
    • cooking time with my daughter.It's her birthday. She asked for a japanese meal, her favorite food. we prepared already onigiris an we are trying out some mitarashi dango a traditionnal sweet... Lots of fun! -- valerie R
    • a pause with my brother and his new tatoo -- valerie R
    • an extra swim in the week because it won't be possible anymore soon! -- valerie R
    • Time to dress up and hurry to mundane activities -- valerie R
    • 13th celebrated for the second time. Raspberry cake today. -- valerie R
    • First scuba diving class of my daughter. I drove with her to the sea very early then I choose to have a look around before one entire day at my work table. What a good idea! -- valerie R
    • It really worth it! -- valerie R
    • How I should take time for this more often! -- valerie R
    • After the sea, in the city at the feet of the mountain, straight... my home for a while. I don't know for how long but I still have much to explore all around. -- valerie R
    • there's a small gallery in my little town with interesting exhibitions, I like to have a look when I'm passing by this street. It was inspired by travel and imaginary lands and was made by Elza Lacotte. -- valerie R
    • hungry? -- valerie R
    • My boy trying to read while I'm moving too much and making some noise at his side. -- valerie R
    • yes, boring picture, time is flying, none inspiration... -- valerie R
    • safari photo around the messy corners of the house -- valerie R
    • I'd rather go to bed now and read l'Amour! -- valerie R
    • hurry up, or the bus will be gone, my son with his girlfriend ! Yes, too fast for me, one more time I'm really bad to compose with this camera -- valerie R
    • lush -- valerie R
    • the other side of the rock I can see from my window. It's like a decor from another time. Non-sense ! -- valerie R
    • see below please!!!! I said messy ? -- valerie R
    • oops this note is about the previous image! -- valerie R
    • messy work space as my mind after a day of work on a new project... I don't know where it goes, still experimenting. trying out to get it simple... A matter of fact, perhaps it's rather time to tidy up ! -- valerie R
    • an ordinary morning -- valerie R
    • week-end walk -- valerie R
    • spying some dancing water observers -- valerie R
    • I'm ending with a repetition -- valerie R

About Valérie

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I am a girl who didn’t believe in anything…
Yet, I’m living an incredible love story for 25 years already and for many more decades to come…
I’m the mother of the two best kids in the world!
and I can say, now, I believe in life…
For the moment, I live between south of France and my very own dreamland as I’m an infinite daydreamer and I’m moving a lot…
In fact, my homeland is the earth.
Under the name of Lilie-Mélo, I’m an occasional illustrator and a full time dreamer.
I worked for many magazines and newspapers.
I wrote an illustrated two books edited in France while I was living in Czech Republic for a few years.

What one thing are you most proud of in your 45 years?
To be honest, what I’m the most proud of is almost intangible.
It’s to focus my daily life on simple basis without any certainty but with the less compromises possible, trying to look around with a creative eye…
I waking-up on each morning, open-minded and ready to transform ordinary into an adventure to share.

What one thing would you like to achieve by your 100th birthday?
By the age of 100, I hope to feel a rejuvenating and positive energy thinking about my long and colourful path.
In the end, I hope to look back and see me as a person who brought joy, love and friendship with an infinite idea of sharing all along these lush years. still surrounded by my beloved ones.

What one thing have you seen in your lifetime that changed the world most significantly?
I won’t be very original but, of course, giving birth and seeing my kids growing made the world all different to me… somehow darker and worrying but maybe much more exciting too!
In another side, sudden death of close ones changed the sense of the universe, as if I was living in a new dimension, with a new and unexpected strenght…

What one piece of advice would you give to your ten year old self?
You’ll be so amazed by what’s your future is made of…
Don’t worry, trust yourself, reality will finally become your friend the day you will decide it… so, don’t hesitate one more second !

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