The 100 / #44: Sophie Lowe

#44 Sophie Lowe Teacher Bath, UK

Sophie's images

    • Just a random wooden pig, left on the stairs... -- Sophie Lowe
    • Chaotic kitchen. It's nice to be removed from the actual chaos and enjoy this as an image! -- Sophie Lowe
    • Waking up time... -- Sophie Lowe
    • Walking to school. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Lunch with Teresa. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Lily, doing a cartwheel, after school. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Jasmine at the end of the school day. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Sainsbury's Car Park: rain. -- Sophie Lowe
    • 'Oil-seed rape', growing near my house. All week there has been an amazing contrast between the bright yellow and the dark grey sky. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Not too sure about this one! -- Sophie Lowe
    • Waiting in the car to collect my children from school, view from inside windscreen. -- Sophie Lowe
    • A 'still life', made up of natural shells and a 'view finder' in front, set up for my drawing student. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Looking into the kitchen from outside, after collecting Jasmine from Guides. -- Sophie Lowe
    • My wardrobe! -- Sophie Lowe
    • The college where I teach jewellery. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Me, being jewellery tutor. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Jewellery hammers. -- Sophie Lowe
    • My bus ride home. -- Sophie Lowe
    • I love the way the camera has picked out all the colours and wear on my bench. It has been with me for18 years. -- Sophie Lowe
    • My jewellery work bench. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Lily in wellies, coming out of school. -- Sophie Lowe
    • My Favourite image! -- Sophie Lowe
    • Jasmine buying her sweets. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Me, working on wire 'sewing machine' sculpture. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Saturday morning. Lily, running to her swimming lesson, with towel on her head. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Saturday morning market at Odd Down. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Fruit and veg at market. -- Sophie Lowe
    • A collection of dust and sweepings. -- Sophie Lowe
    • Dave and I, drinking cider at the Packhorse. -- Sophie Lowe
    • The Packhorse, on our way home. -- Sophie Lowe
    • A nostalgic walk to 'Walcot' area of Bath... I used to walk down these steps everyday to my workshop in Walcot St. -- Sophie Lowe
    • I lived in the top floor of this house for 5 years, when it was a scruffy student household. The living room had a 1970's kitchen hatch and the floor slanted downwards about 12 cm. Fond memories of sitting out on the roof! -- Sophie Lowe
    • Continuing with my nostalgic walk... this is the front window of a second hand clothes shop known as the "Smelly Shop", London Street, at the end of Walcot St. -- Sophie Lowe

About Sophie

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I am 44 this year. I have two fantastic daughters, one 10 and one is 7. I teach jewellery and art in a college. I don’t earn much money but am very happy with my family and my life.
I make observations of my own, then my children teach me, every day, to look at things I would otherwise not have noticed.
I make sculptures from wire and thread, which I work on at night.
I am also a “housewife”, by default. I am not good at this job, but treat it visually: I look at things like dust, fluff and mold with fascination.

What one thing are you most proud of in your 44 years so far?
Having two wonderful children.

What one thing do you hope to do before you’re 100 years old?
Travel through India.

What one piece of advice would you give your 10 year old self?
It is 1978. You have a dog called Bilbo and a huge garden. You have a brand new red Raleigh bike. Your dad is a friend you spend time with washing the car and learning how to look after your bike. You wear shorts and Tee shirts and do not waste any time wondering if you look ok.
You run around bare foot and the only problem is an occasional bee sting. Your mum gives you homemade bread, homegrown vegetables and makes you any cake you want for your birthday.
You have the right amount of friends who all live within walking distance. You spend your days fishing with jam jars, swimming, cycling, walking the dog or going to the park.
My advice to you is to keep a little bit of this wrapped up, so you can look at it later, like a slice of cake you took home from a birthday party.

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