The 100 / #4: Thomas Pringle

#4 Thomas Pringle Victoria, Australia

About Thomas

Tell us a little about yourself:
My name is Thomas and I’m 4years old. I live on a farm with my Mum and Dad and 2 of my 3 sisters. My favorite things are
playing Skylanders on the Wii, Playing tag and hide-n-seek with my little sister Emily, jumping on the trampoline and
taking photos with Mummys camera. I like going to Playgroup and to dance class.

What would you like to photograph with a camera?
If I had a camera I would take photo’s of water and trees, my dance class, the playground, Emily and Meagan and Stacey (my
sisters) and Mummy and Daddy and everyone. My feet, Playgroup, the sandpit, tv, movies and computers.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
One week he wants to be a photographer, the next a fireman, or maybe a farmer. Most often though he says he doesn’t know.

What do you think it would be like to be 100 years old?
It would feel like I was 16, and I’d have glasses.

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