The 100 / #39: Katie Dreke

#39 Katie Dreke Global head of digital strategy & planning Amsterdam, Netherlands

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About Katie

Tell us a little bit about yourself
Originally from Seattle.
Now living in Amsterdam.
Married with two awesome kiddos.
I travel quite a lot for work, plus adventures with my family.
I love music, especially when it’s live.
I’m geeky, techy, a little bit sci-fi, and kinda dorky.
But mostly I’m just really interested in stuff, how things work, why
things happen the way they do. And I can’t hide my enthusiasm for the
magic of science, the delicious mystery of what we still don’t know…

What one thing are you proud of so far in your 39 years?
My children. I really like the ‘people’ they are becoming. Plus their
knock-knock jokes are amazing.

What one piece of advice would you give your 10 year old self?
Spend more time with grandma.

What challenges do you think you’ll face as you approach 100 years old?
Mostly I worry about my body breaking down and not allowing me to
physically do all the things I want to. I have no fear that my will to
“Go-Go-Go!” is going to always be rampant, but my body…well I just
hope she holds up!

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