The 100 / #38: Meg Pickard

#38 Meg Pickard Head of Digital Engagement London, UK

Meg's images

    • At a summer fete on the south London/Surrey border. Best in show. -- Meg Pickard
    • The baby, sleeping. -- Meg Pickard
    • such a universal image! Lovely, and congratulations! -- Tara Crowley
    • Some sort of dance display on a muggy, slightly drizzly day at the summer fete -- Meg Pickard
    • This dog seemed a bit bored. -- Meg Pickard
    • Most of the summer felt like this. Pouring with rain, dank and dismal. -- Meg Pickard
    • Preparing to cook. You can't beat a good mise-en-place, can you? -- Meg Pickard
    • Commuting -- Meg Pickard
    • nice shot -- Tara Crowley
    • The new (2012) concourse roof at King's Cross station, London. -- Meg Pickard
    • lovely architecture and you've seen it well -- Tara Crowley
    • love love love the street scenes -- Tara Crowley
    • Heading into work for a "keeping in touch" day during my maternity leave. -- Meg Pickard
    • As a new mum, much of my week is spent sitting on the floor at various baby-related groups and activities. I'm too old to sit on the floor. It hurts. -- Meg Pickard
    • Surrey St market in Croydon. -- Meg Pickard
    • I, too, took a couple of shots for our local veg market in Northern California. Fresh veg all over the world! -- Tara Crowley
    • I know I'm hopelessly biased, but Erin really is a brilliant baby. Happy, curious, good company. And very wriggly! -- Meg Pickard
    • Misfire! -- Meg Pickard
    • Baby likes looking in the mirror. Here I am, making daft faces in our hallway, to amuse her. -- Meg Pickard
    • Erin at a Baby Sensory class. -- Meg Pickard
    • Me, a bit tired and windswept, out for a walk. -- Meg Pickard
    • Kenley Aerodrome, a former WWII RAF airfield, from which many of the Battle of Britain missions were flown. Now a nice place for a walk. -- Meg Pickard
    • Oh look, more rain. -- Meg Pickard
    • the umbrella shots are a great composition - well done! -- Tara Crowley
    • Husband & baby. -- Meg Pickard
    • Sleeping hedgehog -- Meg Pickard
    • This may not look like much, but it was the first meal out since the baby was born, with her in tow. She slept - I ate spicy chicken pitta in Nandos. -- Meg Pickard

About Meg

A little bit about Meg
Meg Pickard is a geeky, crafty new mum who currently lives in south London with her husband, brand new daughter and a grumpy cat. When not on maternity leave, she works at the Guardian. She likes old cameras, baking, tinkering online and has been blogging since it began with a W.

What one thing are you proud of so far in your 38 years?
I’ve managed to keep a sense of curiosity and exploration. I like trying new things and gaining new skills and I try to learn something new every year. Last year was crochet. This year is motherhood!

What one piece of advice would you give you 10 year old self?
I know you love Wham, but don’t give your heart entirely to George Michael: it’s unlikely the feeling will be reciprocated in the long term.

What challenges do you think you’ll face as you approach 100 years old?
Well, the country will be under the strain of an ageing population. We’ll be living longer, but needing more healthcare and services – hope we’ve saved enough for a long, long retirement! Also, I get bored easily, so I hope I’m not housebound by then. At least I’ll have a flying car…

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