The 100 / #36: Emdad Rahman

#36 Emdad Rahman Writer and Volunteer London, UK

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    • I took this across from the Olympic staium from Fish Island. I'd just met the inspirational Michael Watson and topped it off by taking this. -- Emdad
    • A fantastic man who does wonderful things for his community and enjoyes every minute of it. If he was up for Volunteer of the Year award I woild definately vote for him!! -- penny jackson
    • Emdad has done many wonderful things for the community and beyond, always helpful, willing and taking time for others, never letting anyone down. Always there from the young to the elderly and is always on the go -- Amina
    • this image, gives me a feeling of "hope for fruitful future" , it is sooo like Emdad because of all the charity and volunteer work Emdad does -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • This is the best of the bunch Emdad. It must have been great fun. In this day and age you need skuill to get this shot in one attempt. I've really enjoyed these. -- Henriette
    • GREAT pic!!!! soooo important for children to learn about it! -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • Very stand out picture emdad. This has caught my attention a lot! -- Gio
    • nice, simple, and stunning! -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • Intriguing pic Emdad. Very nice. There;'s no room for error with a throwaway camera :-) -- Annie
    • Friday prayers where I live - a great community event indeed. -- Emdad
    • ALLAHU AKBAR ! -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • Made me smile :))) -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • you don't need a reason to smile, you have 10000 reasons to -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • Purity! -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • My mate Maruf - He's an eccentric he is :) -- Emdad
    • hi-4+1 ;) -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • Strange one Emdad, but very apppealing. Good job. -- Murphy
    • Good night :P -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • a candle can light up the dark, the dark can't cover up a small light -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • A very proud moment for me - Paralympic Torchbeared London 2012 -- Emdad
    • Total class -- Sam
    • hold your headc up hight! -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • What a fantastic picture and memory of a great day. You are an inspiration. I am very proud of you! -- Ranu
    • The Kop - The greatest gathering in world fotball. I took this from the Centenary. Thanks to Bootle Jan for the tickets as always - I am an adopted Scouser by the way. I think I coined this term... -- Emdad
    • THIS IS ANFIELD -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • haha do it not get a credit for some of these... well sorting the ticket anyway :) some lovely pictures well done buddy -- jan
    • a proof that you are lucky :) -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • I'm guessing you took this picture from the Centenary Stand -- Murphy
    • you'll never walk alone Emdad -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • I LOVE COMPLEX -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • Olympic Park - Not fond of how I've messed up a few with disturbances in the corners. -- Emdad
    • the special part of the picture is the red color! -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • A simply outstanding grouop of athletes - I was mesmerised. -- Emdad
    • seeing is believing! -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • Paralympics blind fotball with Robin? Lovely shot -- A
    • HAPPINESS -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • What a lovely pic. Managed to capture the atposphere toa t. You are a great inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work. -- Shahein
    • smells great :) -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • hiding behind the camera? :) -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • a new born... -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • i can hear the crowd! what a great pic -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • when there's a will there's a way, amazing pic! -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • pure fun! -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • green is the soul's medicine -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • inspirational! -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • red and white = perfect -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • one pic = a lesson -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • you are close to the target :) -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • My youngest niece - Akeelah :)Too cute!! -- Emdad
    • perfection!!! -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • what a beautiful view Emdad well done! -- Nathalie Abu Kheit
    • sooo English! -- Nathalie Abu Kheit

About Emdad

Tell us a little about yourself:
I was born, live and work in London. My passion is voluntary work, origami and football. I love involving myself in initiatives to benefit my community, be it creative workshops, football coaching and writing. I write and blog a lot and enjoy seeing my works published.

What one thing are you most proud of?
I am extremely proud to have been honoured and selected to run as a paralympic torchbearer for London 2012.

What would you like to achieve by the time you’re 100?
If I lived to the age of 100 I would love to have inspired people to work for the betterment of our community. Such activism takes very little effort but the rewards are immense.

What one thing have you seen in your lifetime do you think has made the largest difference to the world?
The internet has made the world a much smaller place. It has taken human communication to unprecedented levels.

What piece of advice would you give to your ten year old self?
You may have the greatest brains but without sheer hard graft your ability to truly achieve and fulfill your potential is slim.

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