The 100 / #35: Xenia Blanco

#35 Xenia Blanco QA Localisation Tester Glasgow, Scotland

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    • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts giveaway!! Not something I really like but they were free and I got to share them with my workmates!!! -- Xenia Blanco
    • We got a couple of boxes!! :) -- Xenia Blanco
    • Jesse got his box and ate all the treats just by himself!! -- Xenia Blanco
    • Sloan's market is held every Saturday. A very nice place to find exclusive clothes and accessories. -- Xenia Blanco
    • This park looks like those they have in Japan. Is a really nice place to read a book while having a cup of tea. -- Xenia Blanco
    • The Mitchell library building is one of the most beautiful ones in Glasgow. Its interiors are also amazing! -- Xenia Blanco
    • It seems like I do not know how to use a disposable camera... Oh well... -- Xenia Blanco
    • The place I work. I am in love with the architecture of this amazing building. -- Xenia Blanco
    • A photographic exhibition I went to. It was really interesting. -- Xenia Blanco
    • No idea what I was taking a picture of here... -- Xenia Blanco
    • Italian capuccino to go! Delicious!! -- Xenia Blanco
    • This thing was placed at the corner of my house for months. I am glad that it has been removed. :) -- Xenia Blanco
    • The viewing from my old room. I moved flats and I changed the scenery a little bit. -- Xenia Blanco
    • This is my friend Daniel. He is an actor, a model and a very cheeky guy. ;) -- Xenia Blanco
    • This enigmatic path is also close to my house. A little bit scary by night though. -- Xenia Blanco
    • Do not leave children go by themselves, is dangerous! -- Xenia Blanco
    • Ah! My finger again! Awesome! :) -- Xenia Blanco
    • That is me!! -- Xenia Blanco
    • There was an advertising campaign I took part in and this is the result. :) -- Xenia Blanco
    • Dead mushroom... -- Xenia Blanco
    • The scary path again... I forgot I took a picture of it already! :_( -- Xenia Blanco
    • Posing is not in the list of things I do best to be honest... -- Xenia Blanco
    • Having a tea with my friend at Biggar's! A café that is also a music instruments store and a studio! -- Xenia Blanco
    • Scottish pipers and whiskey. The perfect combination. -- Xenia Blanco
    • Farm's market. A different approach to Scottish food. -- Xenia Blanco
    • Organic Scottish cheese! Hmmm... -- Xenia Blanco
    • Scottish humour at its best!! :) -- Xenia Blanco
    • Hmmm... Delicious! :) -- Xenia Blanco
    • Scottish Pipers playing for free at Glasgow City Centre. My finger was the protagonist, again!! -- Xenia Blanco
    • Finger!!!! -- Xenia Blanco
    • Low viewpoint. -- Xenia Blanco
    • A capuccino made with love. :) -- Xenia Blanco
    • Fresh generation of break dancers! Awesome! -- Xenia Blanco
    • Waterfall. -- Xenia Blanco
    • Colourful tiles in accidental picture. Oops! -- Xenia Blanco
    • Jesse and myself!! :) -- Xenia Blanco

About Xenia

Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Xenia Blanco. I am a Photographer. A woman. A dreamer. A lover. I leave in Glasgow but I come from León, in the North of Spain.

I work full-time as a QA Localisation Tester for an outsourcing company that provides services to the video-game industry. I also work as a Photographer for an Advertising Audit company and as a Booking Agent for some of the most well known Traditional Celtic and Folk Asturian bands.

I have had many different and varied jobs during the recent years such a Box Office Ticketing Agent for the Olympics, Steward for an events security company or Artist Liaison for some of the most important Celtic/Folk music festivals in the Uk such as Piping Live!, Celtic Connections or William Kennedy Piping Festival. I cannot play any instrument if you are wondering. I would love to learn how to play the fiddle though.

I can speak English, Spanish and Japanese. I love travelling and I have visited different places such as Brussels, France, Portugal, Ireland and Japan among others. I love Japanese culture, food and traditions.

What one thing are you most proud of in your years so far?
I am very proud of having visited Japan since it has been always one of my dreams. I am also proud of having moved abroad when I was 32 years old. That allowed to have a broader view of the world and the society. I have always been an open minded person. Living abroad have increased my knowledge, my skills and my job opportunities.

What one thing do you hope to have achieved by the age of 100?
I would like to publish a book with the photographs I have been taking during my many travels and all of those still to be taken in all those places still to be visited.

What one thing have you seen in your lifetime which has changed the world the most significantly?
A recent discovery that some scientist from the University of Bristol have made. A protein that can function without water. They swapped the coating of water on myoglobin proteins – which normally carry oxygen to muscle and give raw meat its red colour – with a synthetic polymer that acts as a surfactant, effectively turning the proteins into a viscous liquid with the consistency of thick treacle.

I am sure that this is a big discovery that will change the history of the world.

What piece of advice would you give to your 10 year old self?
Enjoy your child life. Do not be in a rush. Take your time to do things that is supossed children do. Ask your parents to buy you a musical instrument and to send you to take some lessons. You will be grateful when you grow up.

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