The 100 / #28: Charlotte Griffiths

#28 Charlotte Griffiths Magazine Editor Cambridge, UK

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    • love pink! -- sonja benskin mesher
    • No idea what this is, but the colour is amazing... -- Charlotte
    • I love the colors in this... spooky! -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • Mondays are Alex's day off, so we're lounging in front of the TV. Absolutely no idea what we were watching but this is a weird picture. -- Charlotte
    • I love this picture! -- Anna Haikara
    • Me, and my co-worker Dave, at Soup Club – discussing the merits of adding Tabasco to soup. -- Charlotte
    • My two cats, assisting in the creation of the soup. -- Charlotte
    • they look like they're having a deep conversation. -- Sophie Webb
    • Preparing soup for my turn at our office's Soup Club, where a group of us take it in turns to provide soup on a Monday with the hope of winning a Golden Spoon. I went for a sort of Mexican-inspired soup – this is me making it on the Sunday afternoon. -- Charlotte
    • My friend Sim and I have been working our way through early Gossip Girl (I'm not ashamed). What you can't see in this pic are our legs stretching forwards on either side of the laptop playing the episode. -- Charlotte
    • My university friends came to Alex and Ben's restaurant for lunch! LR - Henry, Helen, Nick, Ben and Sim. The car park was a death trap ice rink (cleared shortly afterwards), hence the comedy poses. -- Charlotte
    • Alex at his 'desk' in the kitchens. The fluorescent lighting always makes photos look green. -- Charlotte
    • This is me. -- Charlotte
    • I live in the Fens too and am 28- damn I can't take part cause another Cambridge lady took my age! ;) Love your photos though! -- Katie
    • The Fens (a flat area of land around where I live) are extremely flat and quiet, especially when snow muffles all sound. I love this shot. -- Charlotte
    • I think this is my favourite image from this camera. -- The 100 Team
    • The hedges were covered with furry coats of ice crystals that sparkled in the afternoon light. I couldn't believe how blue the sky was. -- Charlotte
    • Hot sausage rolls from Gog Magog. Essential Saturday morning feast. -- Charlotte
    • Saturday morning saw Alex heading to his suppliers to pick up meat for the restaurant – so I went along for the ride. This is Miles, the butcher at Gog Magog farm shop, putting on his 'serious butcher' face. -- Charlotte
    • Afternoon light at my offices. -- Charlotte
    • Bright's Design Director Andy came to visit my desk to discussing a project we were working on at the time. We're definitely not always this relaxed. -- Charlotte
    • The snow made life extremely interesting - although the main roads had been cleared, our little country tracks hadn't been gritted, so driving anywhere was a bit of an experience. Alex offered to drive me to work, but it meant an early start for the sleepy chef. -- Charlotte
    • like abstract x -- sonja benskin mesher
    • It took a lot of peering, but I've worked out what this is - driving to Alex's restaurant for dinner with friends. The blue box is a sat nav and if you look closely, you can see a 'V' of lights which is the front of the restaurant. -- Charlotte
    • My friend Carla's sleeve. What you can't see is her husband Graham, and the fact that she's pregnant with her first baby. They came to visit the country from Hastings, my home town. -- Charlotte
    • Not long now...! Best wishes, Andrew O. x Wetherby, West Yorkshire -- andrew j. overend
    • My friend CJ had just finalised her wedding invitations and was about to send them out - she's getting married to Graham on April 21st 2012. Exciting stuff. -- Charlotte
    • Making tea for the team. Liked all the circles here. -- Charlotte
    • The week I shot was also the week I got a free box of nibbles from a subscription service that posts you healthy snacks. A lot of us in my office got these so there was a huge amount of discussion regarding the best nibble. -- Charlotte
    • Alex and Ben relaxing after service at their restaurant, The Hole in the Wall. -- Charlotte
    • My favorite! -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • love this shot ! -- sonja benskin mesher
    • The tracks of the lesser spotted postman, taking a shortcut across our cottage's front garden. I love the morning light when it snows. -- Charlotte
    • Oh wow - what beautiful light. -- The 100 Team
    • My chicken Eggels coping with the snow. -- Charlotte
    • Early morning, at the cottage. It snowed! -- Charlotte

About Charlotte

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I’m Charlotte and I live in a cottage just outside Cambridge with my chef boyfriend, two cats, a solitary chicken and a neglected vegetable patch. By day I write for a magazine publishers that specialises in photography mags – by night I tinker with old cameras, take pictures of food, trawl the Internet and put my extensive pyjama collection to good use.

What one thing are you most proud of in your 28 years so far?
Having collected an eclectic, talented and hugely lovely bunch of friends.

What one thing do you hope to do before you’re 100 years old?
Four (sorry!): I want to explore Japan, work in New York for a time and be able to fluently speak French. And maybe start (and finish) writing a book.

What one piece of advice would you give your 10 year old self?
When you’re 28, you will be so grateful for not having been allowed fizzy drinks and being forced to eat fruit at every breakfast. Stop moaning.

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