The 100 / #26: Indiana Matine

#26 Indiana Matine Strategist London, UK

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    • Matt D. and Lorenzo at the pub. On a Friday at 4 o'clock. We talked about strippers and prostitutes that day. -- Indiana
    • It's a mailbox in a wall - go figure - that i see on my way to work in the morning. I thought it was cool, in a weird 'Being John Malkovich' kind of way. -- Indiana
    • This is a cool letter box in a wall - go figure - that i see on my way to work. It looks mysterious, in a weird Being John Malkovich kind of way. -- Indiana
    • We don't have planes flying above Paris. So i always think it's cool when I see planes flying above London. wondering where they're going. -- Indiana
    • I don't really remember where this was taken. But it's a nice green. -- Indiana
    • It makes me think of my dad. He's an artist and he did a print of all the different coloured doors behind Angel, close to the canal. -- Indiana
    • This is one of my favourite places in London. Probably because i remember eating cheesecake with my sister there. It's nice and quiet, and it feels like a secret spot outside the city. -- Indiana
    • I LOVE CATS. And she's a tortie, so I love her even more. She looks like my cats back home. -- Indiana
    • Every morning I wonder what's behind this wall (on Clerkenwell Road). I once caught a glimpse of a beautiful garden... -- Indiana
    • My morning routine. At St. Ali. One espresso with a bit sugar. Sit outside, have my coffee and cigarette. Get ready for the day. It's a really calm moment. -- Indiana
    • It kinda looks like Great Sutton Street and the Slaughtered Lamb?... not sure. -- Indiana
    • My beautiful man and my beautiful flat. Happiness. -- Indiana
    • Motivational thought of the day - I walk past this sign in the morning (which is in the foyer of another ad agency around the corner from my office)... -- Indiana
    • My contribution to Halloween spirit. -- Indiana
    • Somewhere in Brighton for Jim's birthday... -- Indiana
    • Studs. Boots. #Ineedspurs. -- Indiana
    • On the corner of Goswell Road and Clerkenwell road. It's a nice building. This was taken on a nice Friday that I had off. The first staycation i've ever taken. -- Indiana
    • I have this weird fascination for laundromat. They're scary in a romantic way. A bit of 'Anything could happen' type of place. Also, the lighting is always really bad - yet amazing. -- Indiana
    • In The Rain Room at the Barbican Centre -- Indiana
    • Beautiful house in Brighton. (there were cats too.) -- Indiana
    • The inside of my bag. Fascinating. -- Indiana
    • Mike and Pete in a club in Brighton. -- Indiana
    • The morning after. -- Indiana
    • On 4 hour sleep. -- Indiana
    • Me. -- Indiana
    • Marylebone Station (for the first time). -- Indiana
    • I love freesia - they smell so nice. -- Indiana
    • Me on my stoop. -- Indiana

About Indiana

Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Indiana, I live in Clerkenwell and work in advertising. I was born in Paris, France and moved to London 2 years ago after finishing my studies in France.
I’ve studied for a long time, as it’s what we do in France, i started doing international law, mostly around war and humanitarian law and then moved towards marketing and communications. I now work as a strategist, meaning i try to understand consumers, market environment and trends to find ways of getting people interested and connected with a brand.

What one thing are you most proud of in your years so far?
Having the strength to start again when I’m not satisfied with my life. Whether it was changing from law to advertising or moving to London. I’m not scared of change, and so far it’s always been for the best.

What one thing do you hope to have achieved by the age of 100?
I hope to have learned the most that i can and been able to share my knowledge before i forget or die.

What one thing have you seen in your lifetime which has changed the world the most significantly?

What piece of advice would you give to your 10 year old self?
Be nicer to your parents.

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