The 100 / #22: Kate Banahan

#22 Kate Banahan Student Bath, UK

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    • Even i'm confused as to what this is!!! -- Kate Banahan
    • Our very first image of The 100 project. Very spooky too! -- The 100 Team
    • nice -- Felix
    • The beautiful view out of my bedroom window. -- Kate Banahan
    • Trying to get on with my dissertation @ The Grove. -- Kate Banahan
    • Gorgeous landscape -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • View towards Bath centre from Windsor Bridge Road. -- Kate Banahan
    • Where some of my favourite people live! -- Kate Banahan
    • Tried to use my vouchers that I won for this Bistro in town, but it was closed! So went to 50% off Revs Mondays with Caitlin! -- Kate Banahan
    • Beautiful view -- Gessica
    • Beautiful! -- Rosa
    • A late walk up High Common to Sion Hill Library. -- Kate Banahan
    • I love this image - such lovely colours. -- The 100 Team
    • Library before closing! -- Kate Banahan
    • My mum and sister come up to Bath for lunch. -- Kate Banahan
    • Back in my home town, Wimborne, Dorset. - I don't pack light for five days! -- Kate Banahan
    • I love this, wimborne in sunshine! -- vicky knight
    • Checking out Wimborne's newest pub! -- Kate Banahan
    • Drinks in Bournemouth - I love my home friends. -- Kate Banahan
    • Classic -- vicky knight
    • Evening at The Heights. -- Kate Banahan
    • Going to see my friend Emma's horses! -- Kate Banahan
    • Evie, Todd & Blue. -- Kate Banahan
    • Vintage crawl in Boscombe. -- Kate Banahan
    • Car chats. -- Kate Banahan
    • The most hilarious thing i have ever seen! Mind you at least you got the picture! -- vicky knight
    • I wanted to see the sea, but it was raining and REALLY windy! Standing here I got soaked in seconds and the umbrella I had completely crumpled up and broke! -- Kate Banahan
    • My view over Wimborne from my home bedroom. -- Kate Banahan
    • Baking. -- Kate Banahan
    • Last family diner for a while. -- Kate Banahan
    • My very first carrot cake for (my housemate in Bath) Amy's 23rd. -- Kate Banahan
    • Getting a lift to the train station to go back to Bath. -- Kate Banahan
    • oh..... -- Felix
    • Whilst this photo was being taken I had about a minute to get through the train station barriers and run to my platform all with two big suitcases and another bag! -- Kate Banahan
    • MADE IT! -- Kate Banahan
    • My front door in Bath! -- Kate Banahan
    • Tip of a room, ready to begin un-packing then, packing for my uni trip to Barcelona tomorrrow! -- Kate Banahan
    • Walking to uni at 7.45am to get lift to Bristol airport. -- Kate Banahan
    • View towards Oldfield Park train station. It's Cold! -- Kate Banahan
    • The Barcelona Group! -- Kate Banahan
    • I really like this photo. It has nice composition. -- Jessica
    • Waiting for the airport shuttle bus. -- Kate Banahan
    • The Allycats! Ella your famous! -- Kate Banahan
    • ha, that's supposed to say beers! -- Kate Banahan
    • Boarding bears! - start as you mean to go on! -- Kate Banahan

About Kate

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I’m currently a 3rd year student in Bath, studying Creative Arts.
In art im looking into mapping and psychogeography (a term to describe how people explore a city and the effects this environment has on their emotions/behaviour).

I love the thought of the mind storing memories like a map.
My home town is in Wimborne, Dorset, which is somewhere I always love returning to.
I would probably be classed as the typical student, working hard when I can, but playing much harder!

What one thing are you most proud of in your 22 years so far?
I’m pretty proud of the fact that I still have my close group of friends from when we were around 12. I know that we will always be there for each other and will continue to be in each others lives no matter what. They will always make me smile :)

What one thing do you hope to do before you’re 100 years old?
There are SO many things that I’d love to do but I’d have to say that I just want to be able to see as much of the world as I can. I love travelling and visiting new places so i suppose it would be to experience as many different cultures as I can.

What one piece of advice would you give your 10 year old self?
Probably to just do everything you want to do, and make the most of the time you have being so free. Also to learn to drive at 17, I wish I did that!

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