The 100 / #20: Giuliana Colameo

#20 Giuliana Colameo Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique

Giuliana's images

    • Miguel in a sunny Sunday after party waiting for a cab. -- Giuliana
    • Mia waiting for my arrival. -- Giuliana
    • Leo (brother in law) skateboarding in a free time. -- Giuliana
    • One of my passions: traveling. -- Giuliana
    • Miguel, my great friend having a Chimarrão, our tradicional tea by the river. -- Giuliana
    • Lunch with my friend Ju in a mexican restaurant. -- Giuliana
    • I love to watch the sunset! -- Giuliana
    • Going to the river to watch the sunset. -- Giuliana
    • A teen group of Scouts in this amazing view. -- Giuliana
    • My friend for all the times! My cousin but like a sister. Love you Nique! -- Giuliana
    • On my way to college. -- Giuliana
    • Recharging energies in a secret spot. -- Giuliana
    • what??? -- Giuliana
    • Bruna spending a Saturday with me! Lots of happiness and fun! -- Giuliana
    • Ju and Kiko at Mau's birthday party. My friends from college! -- Giuliana
    • In a party. -- Giuliana
    • Party time! -- Giuliana
    • Friends having a great time. Miche, Duda, me and Jo. -- Giuliana
    • Smoke. Why is he so far? -- Giuliana
    • Guilherme is rebel, he can't smile to the camera! -- Giuliana
    • Amazing Duda! -- Giuliana
    • Mau having fun on his birthday party. A good friend! -- Giuliana
    • Mau (Mauricio) and Jo (Jordana). -- Giuliana
    • Mau and I laughing. Always funny! -- Giuliana
    • No one else. -- Giuliana
    • Duda always seducing! Love her. -- Giuliana
    • My cousin Marcos and my uncle Zeca birthday! -- Giuliana
    • and Gabi as well. -- Giuliana
    • Almost all cousins together except by Lucas which was working. -- Giuliana
    • Zeca eating a delicous pernil bone! -- Giuliana
    • A tradicional barbecue! -- Giuliana
    • Mi sister Anna and my brother in law Leo. -- Giuliana
    • How can my sister dance and take care for the candy doesn't fall? -- Giuliana
    • Amazing room. In love with the view. -- Giuliana
    • Anna staring at something... -- Giuliana
    • Amazing view in my cousin house. -- Giuliana
    • My younger sis Gabi, me, Momy, and my older sis Anna. My treasure! -- Giuliana

About Giuliana

Tell us a little about yourself
I’m a young Brazilian girl who has been living in Mozambique for this year with my boyfriend. We are the management team of an agriculture project in the country. I study International Relations in a south Brazilian college and I love to be in touch with different cultures. I think that this desire for knowing new culture was my parents heritage; my father is Italian and my mom a Spanish teacher and since I was a child I used to hear their stories about their world adventures

What one thing are you most proud of in your years so far?
What I’m definitely most proud of is my courage to face challenges and accomplish my objectives. Even being born in an environment of rich people, which normally have everything they want and do not have to fight for achieving most of their objectives, I never stayed in “the comfort zone”. Since I was 17 years old, even with my dad’s disapproval, I started working for paying my college. That was 3 years ago, but It’s been a long way for me, and now after having worked for 4 different companies, I got my big opportunity to develop a really nice project in Africa. This experience is contributing so much in my personal and professional development, and opened my mind so much, that I’m pretty sure that proud is going to be a constant feeling in the years to come. Developing a real sustainable project and actually changing people’s life while doing this, has fulfilled a big gap in my achievements, and gave me the strength to grow as much as my sight can reach.

What one thing do you hope to have achieved by the age of 100?
The strongest dream that I have is to know every country in the world, making a connection with every single different aspect that can be lived. I have started this dream passing through Argentina, Paraguay, El Salvador, Uruguay, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa… but the way is much longer! And it will be achieved…

What one thing have you seen in your lifetime which has changed the world the most significantly?
I think that i’m living the change! Making the time where women can stand up and speak up, where 3rd world countries are increasing economicaly, where you can have an open mind about what you want to do and go for it… narrow ideas are not worth spreading, and people that do not believe in iguality should not be listened anyway. Each day I feel society walks trough a huge mentality change, and I’m a living part of it.

What piece of advice would you give to your 10 year old self?
I would say to myself that great works are performed, not by strength, but perseverance. I wouldn’t change my actions not even a millimeter. I’ll always carry to myself that you must never be regretful of what you did, but of what you didn’t do. My choices made the person I am today, and as previously said, proud is the first thing I feel when I see that result.

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