The 100 / #2: Ivy Knight

#2 Ivy Knight Twickenham, UK

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About Ivy

Tell us a little about Ivy (from her dad, Matthew):
She’s a loving, inquisitive and chatty little girl who loves her bunny, daddy and swings (and mummy too).
She’s been fond of the camera since she was born, always having a lens pointed at her, and one of her first words was ‘cheese’. Now, she’ll readily press the shutter button on her daddy’s camera, and quickly checks the back to see who appears in the picture.

What biggest challenge do you think Ivy will face over the next 100 years?
I worry that we are leaving the planet in such a poor state that our children will need to fight and struggle to maintain a healthy balance, but through their ingenuity, and a new set of perspectives and ideas, her generation will have a better understanding of what it means to live in harmony with earth than we will ever know.

What does Ivy get excited about? What do you think she will take pictures of?
She loves the park, and sitting on the swings. She loves aeroplanes.
She gets very excited about things, so I imagine there will be lots of pictures of feet, the sky, food and perhaps mummy, daddy and the cat.

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