The 100 / #18: Ella Tanqueray

#18 Ella Tanqueray Student London, UK

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Tell us a bit about yourself
I’m going to be 18 this year and I live in London. I’m in my final school year and have just applied to university (ahh). I like to play guitar and sing. I also love going out with my friends. I bake a lot! I like watching funny movies in the BFI and I am the worlds worst procrastinator (In fact I should be revising right now).

What one thing are you most proud of in your 18 years so far?
Managing to become increasingly independent. Oh, and getting through an all girls school and staying reasonably sane!

What one thing do you hope to have achieved by the age of 100?
I hope to be happy with where I am, who I’m with and what I’ve done in my life.

What piece of advice would you give to your 10 year old self?
As you get older don’t worry as much – you won’t remember what you’re worrying about in a few years. Just be happy and live life as much as possible.

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