The 100 / #15: Hannah van Aelstyn

#15 Hannah van Aelstyn Student San Francisco, CA, USA

Hannah's images

    • Some of my friends fighting over lunch in the hallway -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • The BART train on the way to school. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • with mom........ oh............ -- Felix
    • Me and my mom watching Dr. Strangelove -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • My lovely mother and brother -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • Mission St. - it's sort of indescribable... -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • some things never change! :-) -- Tara Crowley
    • Breakfast at school. The food is terrible -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • Kids talking in the library -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • Makeup is always in need of touch-up. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • beautiful views from your hike. you live in a very gorgeous part of the world. -- Tara Crowley
    • Taking a hike with my family. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • Such a fantastic view! -- The 100 Team
    • My brother with beautiful Bay Area landscape -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • I've always been entranced by forests. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • Driving back from the hike across the Golden Gate Bridge! -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • Photo fun. I loved it. -- M├írcia
    • Haha! Brilliant. -- The 100 Team
    • Lunch at Lucky's Supermarket is always open to some fun -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • Stretching together before going on the ice is important to a good skate. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • 16th and Mission BART Station: where Donuts and Chinese meet McDonalds meet Mexican cuisine -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • This is the street where I live. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • My friend and I receiving the results for an important test (we passed!) -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • The beautiful Bay Area -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • A hill in SF. We have many of these -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • The recruitment board for my synchronized skating team at a local competition. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • Having lunch after a competition at In-N-Out; the best fast-food restaurant on the planet that is only found in California. Delicious, fresh, $1 burgers. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • The wall in the girls' bathroom stall at school still broadcasts all the gossip and people's opinions of each other. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • Dramatically reading Shakespeare in Spanish class. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • me! -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • The F-Market is San Francisco's "historic" street-car line: this car is a model of the streetcars in Milan, Italy. The F goes to the wharf, so it's always packed with tourists. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • super and nice......... -- Felix
    • Enjoying a good ol' American diner meal -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • Irish circus artists entertain tourists at the pier -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • The Hard Rock Cafe of San Francisco! -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • The organic movement in California is enormous, so farmers markets are actually more popular than supermarkets. Farmers sell their fresh crops straight to the consumers. Delish! -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • The locker room after a practice. Craziness! -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • My stepmom receiving the prestigious Alexander Law Prize for her work prosecuting powerful human rights violators in Latin America. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • A fancy dinner inside a real mission from the Conquistador days. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • The Irish go nuts in front of City Hall on St. Patty's day -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • People buying SF Giants attire on St. Patrick's day. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • My family loves playing board games. -- Hannah van Aelstyn
    • The younger team practices their routine. -- Hannah van Aelstyn

About Hannah

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I live in San Francisco, California, USA with my brother and my two families: my mom’s with my stepdad, and my dad’s with my stepmom. I have two kitties; one is very fat and one is very old. I’m a high school student at a public academic magnet school in the city, so it’s a really pressurized environment and can get pretty stressful at times. But I put off imploding by practicing synchronized skating, a discipline of ice skating. I practice 5+ days a week and the sport is my life; I love it. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends around the city, getting us tangled into various odd adventures. San Francisco is just the right breed of quirky for adventures.

Tell us one thing you’re most proud of in your 15 years so far:
-Sorting out exactly who my friends are, and keeping them!
-Staying dedicated to skating, even when it got hard. My closest friends and best memories come from it.
-Keeping my mind open to a million different cultures and possibilities. Everybody is beautiful, yay!

Tell us one thing you’d like to do before you reach 100:
Try 100 new and weird and interesting things every day until I’m 100! (and fall over laughing doing them!)

What challenges do you think our planet will face over the next 100 years:
Progressing the entire human race together. The most developed societies have developed so rapidly over the last fifty or so years, yet there are still countries that are hundreds of years behind. We need to figure out how to move forward without leaving millions of people behind.
Also, if we don’t stop billowing millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and cutting down all our forests and melting all our icebergs and driving everywhere using oil, we won’t have much of a planet to work with in 100 years.

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