The 100 / #11: Miriam Knoble

#11 Miriam Knoble Kathmandu, Nepal

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Tell us a little about yourself:
I’m from South Dakota, USA but I live in Kathmandu, Nepal. I go to an international school and have friends from all over the world. My best friend is ½ Filipino ½ Indian. My school has about 180 students. I like the thought of me knowing most of the kids in the school. My mom works at the school and my dad does medical training. My older sister Abby is 15. I like to do ballet, trekking with my family and playing with our dog, Dakota.

What makes you happy?
The thing that makes me the happiest is probably sitting in a nice cozy bed closing my eyes and daydreaming about random things. Another thing that makes me happy is remembering playing in the snow back in South Dakota.

What do you think being 100 years old might be like?
I think being 100 would be a great achievement, especially because it would be the 22nd century. One sad thing would be that few of my friends would be around. But it would be amazing to see what the future would be like.

What might you take photos of?
I think I will take pictures of the Nepali roads, my friend and me going shopping, maybe a little bit of school, Nepali architecture and the street markets.

If you could take a photograph of anything, what would it be?
If I could take any picture in the world it would be of a sparrow on a cherry tree in spring during a terrific sunset in the middle of a open field.

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