The 100 / #1: Laith Beyhum

#1 Laith Beyhum Child London, UIK

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About Laith

Introducing Laith Beyhum (with a little help from his Dad, Toufic)

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My mum is from Namibia, my dad is from Lebanon, I was born in London. I have an older brother who was born in Berlin.
So far life is good.

Tell us a little bit about you:
My dad is a cool guy, he works in advertising as a creative but also loves photography and traveling.
He loves traveling so much that since I was born he has taken me to Oman, Bahrain, South Africa and Namibia.

What do you get excited about, and what are you likely to take photos of?
I love to throw stuff down the stairs. I love chucking balls, they are round and fast. I get excited when I go with mum to pick up my brother from nursery. I can also out stare anyone.
My favourite time of the day is bath time.
When I get this camera ill first put it in my mouth to see what it tastes like then I think I’ll take aerial pics from my high chair, this might make meal times more bearable for me, I’ll shoot my toy box, my brother cutting paper or splashing water at me. Don’t expect any breastfeeding shots, im not that type of photographer.

What do you think will be the biggest adventure/challenge for him as he grows towards 100 years old?
Getting to be 100 years old will be an adventure on its own.

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