The 100

#99 Edward Newman

November 14, 2013

Samina Newman sent us a note in September to let us know about the passing of her grandfather:

Just wanted to let you know that #99 Edward Newman, passed away last Saturday, September 14th, 2013 at 100 years of age. He died peacefully, in his sleep, in his favorite armchair. I am glad that he participated in The 100, another place where his memory lives on.

It wasn’t something I really considered when starting The 100, but it is clearly an expected part of a project which touches upon such a broad span of ages. Samina shared a few notes from Edward’s eulogy, as a brief overview of his 100 years, which I’d like to share here as a form of tribute to clearly a remarkable life, and we’re honoured to have been able capture a small slice in photographs in the project.

Born Ezryel Najman April 22nd, 1913 in Lodz, Poland, but due to anti-semitism, the family emigrated to America in 1927 at 13. His family left the port in Le Havre, France, a 15 hour drive from Lodz, and then spent 8 Days on a ship to the US.

His name was changed on Ellis Island to “Israel Newman” while his brother became “Dave”, and was naturalized – April 2nd, 1928.

In April 7th 1930, the census shows “Edward Newman 17 years old” worked as a “Typesetter”, and between 1937 – 1942 he worked as a Shipping Clerk at Cohen and Goldmanm until he was Enlisted/Drafted on 1 May 1942 into World War II, as part of the Fifth Corps (V Corps).

He spend 2 Years in England preparing for D-Day invasion on Omaha Beach, and fought at Omaha Beach/Normandy, Ardennes, and the Battle of the Bulge, Northern France, Rhineland, until he received an Honorable Discharge 27 October 1945.

Just a year later, in November 30th, 1946 he married his wife Rose Ramando.