The 100

The final throes..

October 24, 2012

So, its almost November, and we’re not quite done.
I’m honestly starting to get really worried we won’t finish in time.

We have about 24 cameras out in the field with participants.
We have 7 slots not yet filled, confirmed or missing in action.

We’ve had a handful of cameras go missing in transit, most of which are fortunately now in the hands of very wonderful participants who are re-shooting their films for us. It’s an unfortunate thing, but out of 100, we’ve only had about four fail like this.

We’ve also had two people go AWOL, but I’m hopeful that we’ll get back in contact soon – or we’ll rapidly get a camera out to someone else on the shortlist.

And we also STILL have a handful of ages we’re really struggling to fill:

77: We’ve contacted every age who applied for 77, but they haven’t been able to take part.
94: No-one for this age slot has been able to take part.
96: No-one even applied for this age.

So, if you can help us fill 77, 94 and 96, or have any suggestions as to how to find communities or networks which have these ages, please please please contact me directly ([email protected]) and we’ll try and make something happen!

It’d be such a shame to not be able to complete the project, so I’m really hoping you can help.